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  1. What is it you’re trying to do with the switches? The touch setting just takes you to the edit screen for the effect assigned to that footswitch when you touch it, it doesn’t turn the effect on or off.
  2. Just leave the first pulldown menu blank.
  3. Just right click on the installation file and select Open. You can still run it. This is just Apple’s certification thing that’s another hoop to jump through.
  4. Have you tried using the Extract from Backup function in HX Edit? I’d try that and see if your presets are there.
  5. Not all the factory presets have been redone, but many in the FACTORY1 setlist have. All of the presets in the first eight banks are using the new cabs for sure.
  6. Eric (aka, Digital Igloo, who occasionally posts here) said they actually did shoot impulses with the U87 but they found them to sound very close to the U67, and they thought U67 actually sounded slightly better, so they decided to just go with that.
  7. phil_m


    Did you plug the G10 transmitter into the Guitar In to reset the wireless channel?
  8. The cable just needs to be Cat5e or higher, so a Cat6 cable would work, too. RJ45 refers to the connectors, not the cable. All ethercon cables will have RJ45 plugs, so that’s a bit of redundant information.
  9. If you set the Feedback to 0 in the snapshot you’re going to, yes, the trails will die off when you go to that snapshot no matter what the bypass state of the block. All the trails are is the wet signal continuing from the delay block, so the parameters of the bypassed block are still controlling it.
  10. Line 6 Updater should work. You just have to have HX Edit completed closed for Updater to see the Stomp.
  11. There is no EXP3 on the LT. Are you saying you’re seeing it come up as an option in HX Edit or something? If so, that l would be a bug.
  12. Go to Global Settings>Switches/Pedals>EXP 1 Polarity and make sure it’s set to Normal.
  13. Did you do the factory reset after the update was complete?
  14. It has to do with how the new cabs and IR blocks are handled by the SHARC processors. They were able to cut the DSP usage by taking advantage of something particular to the SHARC chips, so this limitation is a result of that. You can run two cabs, two 1024 IRs or one of each on a processor path now. I believe you can still use a dual legacy cab block and an IR block on the same processor path, though.
  15. Are you actually using the new cab block? The legacy cabs won’t show the graphics - only the new ones.
  16. Yes - you should do the factory reset. It doesn't complete the update, but it's just a good thing to do. You already created the backup before you did the update, so you don't need to create another one. After doing the factory reset, just go to File>Restore from Backup and do that. The HX Effects update doesn't do the little gap during the middle of the update because it doesn't get all the new cabs like the other hardware units do.
  17. I think the Spider Valve MkII was discontinued like 10 years ago… The editor is still available, but I imagine it’s only compatible with Windows machines now.
  18. I believe this is the expected behavior. Manual Mode is a WYSIWYG mode, so that means the sound you hear from the amp always reflects the actual position of the knobs. There’s no way for the actual position of the knobs to follow changes made in the app (they aren’t motorized), so that’s why those are disabled in Manual Mode.
  19. phil_m

    New Manuals

    The manuals for HX Edit and Helix Native are updated with every update. The manuals for the hardware only receive updates with major number releases. So those won’t be updated until the 4.0 update.
  20. Well, there’s two global settings to change. The one sets the function of the Pedal Jack, and the other defines what FS6 does. Setting FS6 to switch between the two banks isn’t an option, though. You can only set the on-board Tap footswitch to do that.
  21. 24-bit, 96 kHz, I believe (although, I believe the sampling rate is 48 kHz internally). There’s not really any benefit to using 32-bit converters. The dynamic range that 24-bit provides is beyond what any analog circuitry on front of the converters is able to match anyway. Another way to put it is that the noise floor of analog circuits is the limiting factor.
  22. It blinks the tempo that saved with the preset or snapshot (or tapped in globally). Effects like delays and modulations can be synced to that tempo.
  23. I highly doubt it will happen… I don’t think any Line 6 product has ever had this.
  24. Are you changing the Powercab speaker model in the Helix’s output block?
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