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  1. There won’t be a next generation POD Go for a long time. The POD Go isn’t even that old. It was announced at NAMM 2020, about 2.5 years ago. The POD Go Wireless was announced in Spring of 2021.
  2. That shouldn’t be an issue as long as you have a MIDI source that can do what you want. Just set each of the Helixes to its own MIDI channel and set the MIDI commands accordingly.
  3. phil_m

    POD GO 1.40 ?

    Oh, yeah, sure… And you just happened to open up this account to complain… I have moderator rights here, so I approve new accounts by the way of approving the first posts. But I’m sure it’s all a coincidence that you say the same under all your different alts…
  4. phil_m

    POD GO 1.40 ?

    Seriously, dude… Don’t you have anything better to do? You’ve trolled the Facebook group, TGP, and here under different usernames. If you don’t like the POD Go, sell it and move on. Don’t complain about it for months on end.
  5. You can have Native installed on up to four different computers, and you don’t have to have the hardware connected to use any of them.
  6. Do you have FX Loop turned on in the preset?
  7. Make sure you have HX Edit closed if you’re using Updater, as Updater won’t recognize your Helix if both are open at the same time.
  8. When you say it doesn't click, do you mean it doesn't work, or that it just doesn't audibly click?
  9. I wouldn’t have very high expectations for using the pitch effects with an acoustic guitar…
  10. It works fine for me in Reaper on my M1 Mac Mini. It has for quite awhile now.
  11. You need to open a support ticket:
  12. Use two instances of the Heir Apparent block and assign each to its own switch. It’s functionally the same as one Tone Sovereign block.
  13. You also need to update POD Go Edit to version 1.30. You actually have done that first before updating the hardware.
  14. It works fine. No problems with Monterey with my M1 Mac and the Helix.
  15. Certainly it has some sort of USB inputs… USB C or Thunderbolt, I imagine. You just need to use an adapter or a hub (a good powered hub should work, despite Line 6’s warnings against them).
  16. Which gate models on the Helix have you tried? Have you tried the Horizon Gate? I find that to be the best sounding one. Also, where are you putting it? It seems to me that there shouldn’t be any stuttering with any of the gates, really. I know this doesn’t answer your question about the external pedal, but it would be better if you could find a way to get the internal gates to work for you.
  17. You mean copying a preset from the Stomp XL to the POD Go? No - there's no compatibility between the two products, even at the block level. You could recreate an XL preset in the POD Go manually by using the same parameters, but that's it.
  18. Yes, there were hardtail versions as well.
  19. You should receive an activation code for the software from the retailer you bought it from, I believe.
  20. Why do you doubt you’ll hear back about your ticket? They’ll respond. That’s really the only path to take.
  21. You can’t… I mean, I have a couple G10S receivers, and I’ll often charge my transmitters in those, but if you only have the PGW, you just have to leave it on while charging the transmitter.
  22. The output block parameters aren’t global. They’re specific to each preset (and can actually be changed per snapshot if you want).
  23. Of course it's not normal... Is it locking up on a specific preset? Are you connected to your computer while it locks up?
  24. It works differently on the Stomp, Stomp XL and HX Effects. If you drag it down to create a separate Output block, the outputs for the Path B output block will be Send 1/2, and they can't be change to anything else (the outputs for Path A will remain Main L/R). Also, if you're using the FX Loop block(s) in the preset, you won't be able to pull that Merge mixer block down in the first place.
  25. What you have selected there is the output block. What I'm talking is the Merge block - the area where the two paths intersect. You should see this:
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