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  1. The TrueTone CL6 adapter reverses the polarity. It’s a holdover from the old Line 6 4 button stomp pedals and the Visual Sound adapters that were made for them.
  2. No. When you plug the Stomp into your computer, it becomes your audio interface, meaning it become the input and output device. You need to hook speakers or headphones up to it to hear the guitar.
  3. What product are you referring to?
  4. Yes, it’s possible. You can turn the Mix for the delay all the way down and then set the Mix for the reverb to whatever you want it to be. The mix controls of each are completely independent from one another. But the reverb only applies to the preset you save it to. If you go to Looper mode, you only have access to the echo effect in that mode. You can, however, use the 1-Switch looper and still use the reverb in the preset. You can access the 1-Switch looper by assigning it to the Tap footswitch or one of the external footswitches.
  5. You’d want to do it the other way around, actually. If you put a Send block right before the IR block, you could send that signal to your amp and then use the main outs to go to the board. Although, you also need some form of amp modeling with the IR. The IR is just a snapshot of a cab and mic. If you had an amp connected in the 4CM, you could split of the signal coming back from the amp’s preamp and send one side of it through the IR and the other back to the amp’s power section. The setup you’re describing here is typically something you’d see people wanting to use with one of the products with amp modeling, not the HX Effects.
  6. What else do you have assigned to that footswitch? I see it says "MULTIPLE (2)", when you're hitting, so perhaps you're turning something else on inadvertently. I just tried this on my Helix, and I'm not hearing anything weird. Thought that it might have something to do with summing to mono, but I don't hear anything out of the ordinary when I try that either. So I don't know. I can check on my HX Effects later.
  7. Try bypassing the Teemah and see if the noise floor decreases.
  8. Have you tried effects other than fuzzes in the loop? What happens if you just run a jumper cable from the send to the return? Some fuzzes don’t like being a connected to low impedance outputs, but there shouldn’t necessarily be that much noise. What blocks do you have after the FX loop block?
  9. The whole reason (well, almost the whole reason) in getting the Plus version of the Powercab is being able to control it with the L6 Link connection. So there’s no good reason to use the PC’s XLR inputs versus the L6 Link connection.
  10. Is the noise there if you unplug your guitar?
  11. The max length for USB 2.0 is typically listed as 5M, or about 16ft. You might be able to push that to 20ft, but, yeah, im not surprised you’re having issues with a 10M cable. There are ways you can extend it - active extender cables or bridges - but I’m not sure those would even work with the POD Go.
  12. What application are you trying to use them with? They show up fine for me in Reaper on my Mac (an M1 Mac Mini).
  13. You can’t change folders with MIDI. You just select the preset directly by sending the MIDI PC associated with whatever scene you want. So if you were in Scene 3B in Folder 4 (PC#23) and wanted to go to Scene 3A in that same folder, you’d just send PC#22.
  14. Yes. It’s designed to be tuned to standard tuning and use regular gauge electric strings even though it uses the baritone scale length. I remember hearing Stevic say he thought the increased string tension helped with the Variax tracking, but I also think he just liked the longer scale length.
  15. How old is it? I imagine the battery is just kaput. It will eventually happen to lithium ion batteries.
  16. I’m sure you’d have to have the nut recut to do that. Are you planning on downtuning? Even though the 270 is a longer scale similar to a baritone guitar, it’s not a baritone guitar. It comes with 10-46 strings from the factory. The modeling won’t work correctly if you downtune too far from standard.
  17. You can map the Boost function to the Effect footswitch. It’s very easy to do. You just need to use the Catalyst Edit app to do it. This is how I set mine up, actually, because my thinking is the same as yours.
  18. What do you have the function of FS5 set to under Global Settings>Footswitches>FS5 Function?
  19. The Helix is fully compatible with the newest operating systems…
  20. How close is your wifi router to the POD Go? It really shouldn’t be that much of an issue unless you have them in close proximity to each other.
  21. PoE is typically 48V. The Variax runs at 9V. Plus the VDI connection is using a custom pin-out, not standard Ethernet. So, no, that wouldn’t work, and could damage the guitar.
  22. Just unplug the transmitter and plug it in to the new guitar when changing guitars. It’s super easy, and there’s no noise because the transmitter mutes itself as soon as it’s unplugged. Doing anything else but that would not be worth the hassle.
  23. phil_m

    POD GO no sound

    Generally they don’t respond to these forums, as they’re user forums. They’re not really a customer service tool. Did you do the factory reset and restore from backup after doing the update?
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