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  1. I'm still searching for a replacement model LED. I can solder, but my knowledge of LEDs is almost zero. Researching phase, currently. (Besides, here in Germany, i can't get the model numbers listed in those posts, it seems.) I measured the voltage on the pins of the emitter LED with a multimeter, on the PCB. It read 3.24 V.
  2. Contrary to codamedia's reply, this issue with pedals dying is known and discussed, and people have found a solution for it: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads%2Fhelix-lt-pedal-sensor-issue.2307568%2F After a rather uncaring reply from the support ticket crew for Germany, i was pointed to find a service center in my area and call there, even though i already had a ticket. Them charging 90€ per work hour, i already imagined having to loan money to pay for this repair... Luckily there are other options, even though for a pedal that was barely used and died after 3 years just because Line6 decided to use a cheap component to save a couple of cents, it should still fall under warranty. On my Helix LT, the emitter LED is non-functional, but the receiver works fine. So i'm gonna buy a nice little infrared LED replacement and fix it myself, for a total of under 10€ (estimated). I hope that some other soul who has the same issue here, sees this and finds it helpful.
  3. Blank preset with assigned Volume Pedal - expression pedal does nothing, no volume change, only the toe switch works. It should change the values shown on screen, but it doesn't. Factory reset - exactly the same. Seems to be hardware failure. I'm out of warranty, but since Line6 promised to fix all those faulty units, i have hope that they will honor their word. Let's see how good or bad the support in Germany is (support is bad here in general, but i hope Line6/Yamaha is a nice exception).
  4. I remember that there were some batches of Helix LT that shipped with faulty expression pedals, from the time when i bought it new. That's why i asked. I guess i should've been more specific. Thanks for the response, i'll test it.
  5. I never used the expression pedal, just for testing this or that, and i remember at least one time i played some wah stuff, so it probably worked at some point. Lately i've been having problems to get Freeze presets to work, and i always thought that i just don't know how to use those correctly, or that my pedal settings are somehow wrong. Today, after some frustration, i discovered the hardware testing mode, and i saw that the pedal is not responding at all. Could this be firmware related? Or is the pedal somehow busted? Mechanically it feels 100% like new, nothing feels broken. Is this a known issue? What could i try to do to revive it? Or should i open a ticket at Line 6?
  6. Interesting. "Better" is in the ear of the beholder though. I don't want to sound ungrateful, because i'm not, but i don't like it when options are taken away from me. :)
  7. No, i like the new cabs better, they sound more open, tight and lively. Some of my presets use the 160 mic, and switching to the new cabs, while keeping the same mic, upgraded the sound instantly. But updating the cabs of U87 presets requires much fiddling and tweaking, and i'm not 100% happy yet (but i'm hearing a better core sound, so i'll keep tweaking). Why did they not include the U87? Isn't it one of the most popular condensers? (And IME the best sounding one for guitar)
  8. I can't find the U87 condenser mic on the new cabs. What am i missing? It's my go to mic for high-gain distortion, and it would be a bummer if they left it out for the update.
  9. Looks like i'll help myself here. The solution is: Command Center. There i can assign two switches to "preset up/down" and the third to the looper.
  10. Correction: Presets 1 & 2 have the looper as well. But that's not the point of my question. I don't have an HX Stomp, yet. But from the tutorials i've seen, you can only either switch presets + tuner, or switch between Snapshots + tuner, or switch pedals on/off. But you have to change the foot switch mode with the page buttons (?), to be able to go from one mode to the other. I want to be able to both switch presets AND use the looper, all with my feet only. Is this possible?
  11. TL;DR from my second post: I want to be able to both switch presets AND use the looper, all with my feet only. Is this possible? Original post: Do i understand correctly that with the HX Stomp you have to use your hands if you want to access the looper after you switched presets, or vice versa - use your hands to switch presets after you used the looper? Example: In a song i need Preset 1, Preset 2, and Preset 3 with different sounds. Preset 3 is for using the looper (but the other presets have the looper block in the same place as well). I start the song and use Preset 1 & 2, in the middle i need the looper in Preset 3, and at the end i need Preset 1 & 2 again. Do i have to use my hands to change the view in Preset 3 to be able to use the looper and then to change the view again to switch back to Preset 1 & 2? I could ask the question differently: Is it possible to assign Switch 1 to switch presets, Switch 2 to the 1-Button-Looper, and Switch 3 to Tap/Tuner?
  12. Yeah, everything installed fine. I deleted the shortcut to the Updater. Thanks for the help!
  13. Should i uninstall the Line 6 Updater then? I really want to know. Need to avoid doing the same mistake again. And don't worry about the firmware update, i followed the new protocol and everything is fine. "Update message server Started" means that the update is still in reading mode and needs to gather information first before writing.
  14. Thanks! There were no installation instructions in Line 6 Updater. I saw on YouTube there was a v3.15 update, and started the Line 6 Updater, to update the firmware and HX Edit. Isn't that what this software is supposed to do? If not, why did Line6 install it on my computer?
  15. Guys, i need some help! Ran Line 6 Updater and selected my Helix LT, then it said "Installing firmware update" and my Helix LT is saying "Update message server Started" on a black screen. But nothing more happens - it's been stuck for 20 minutes now. I'm afraid to interrupt the software, and more so to restart the stuck Helix LT. What should i do?
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