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  1. I’m sure they didn’t do that, as that would cause more problems than it’s worth. For one thing, with the POD Go Wireless, there is no high end loss to begin with when using the G10 wireless.
  2. What does it matter how long it’s been out? If you can’t register it, it means the previous owner didn’t unregister it before they sold it to the store. You’ll need to open a support ticket to talk to CS to get it worked out. You don’t need to have it registered to do most things, though. You can still update it and use HX Edit with it. The only thing you can’t do right away is access presets and IRs from the Line 6 Marketplace.
  3. It’s probably fine. It’s the repeated charge/discharge cycles thar degrades lithium ion batteries. They can remain stable for quite a long time while in storage at around 50% charge (which is generally what they ship at).
  4. No, that's not correct. Native is fully compatible with Big Sur (and Monterey, for that matter).
  5. The impedance issue is hardware issue, not something that can be fixed by firmware.
  6. Did you do the factory reset and restore from backup after updating?
  7. Open a support ticket. They will reset it for you.
  8. Any parameters assigned to any controller (not specifically the snapshots controller) can have their values recalled by snapshots. In the case of parameters tied to the EXP controllers, you just need to make sure you have the EXP Position parameter under Global Settings>EXP Pedals set to Per Snapshot. Then you just go into each snapshot and set the value to whatever you want it to be for that snapshot.
  9. You can assign snapshots to switches in Stomp Mode using the HX Snapshot command in the Command Center. So depending on how you want to use snapshots and stomps, you can do a lot of different things. You can also have the function of those snapshot switches change per snapshot. It allows you to be pretty creative as to how you want to set things up.
  10. You can use it with a cable, no problem. Just make sure the input block for your computer presets is set to Guitar + Wireless (which it is by default).
  11. That’s there so you can tighten or loosen the expression pedal.
  12. Undo/redo are only available via MIDI commands.
  13. The courtesy outlet on the PP2+ can power the POD Go, but the actual 9V jacks don’t have enough capacity, even if they’re all combined. The PP2+ is kind of an outdated power supply at this point. Many of the newer bricks out there can power the PG.
  14. If you go to Global Settings>Wireless>RF Channel, you can set each POD Go to its own channel there. Just insert the transmitter into the Guitar In jack after selecting the channel on each unit to set the transmitter to the selected channel on that unit.
  15. Only the stereo versions of the delays have the Scale parameter. You have to select the stereo version by going into the stereo menu first and then selecting the block there. It’s not like mono/stereo is a setting within the effect. The mono and stereo versions are completely separate blocks.
  16. There is no Mac driver for the POD Go. It’s a class complaint USB audio device, so it works without a driver with Macs.
  17. You just have to have the Snapshot Edits parameter under Global Settings>Preferences set to Discard to do what you want to do.
  18. I find the scribble strips way more visible in direct sunlight than the screen itself. Famous last words… At a minimum, though, the boxes would have to be scaled differently in Stomp Mode on the Helix, as it has the option for 10 stomp switches, compared to the LT, which only allows 8. I just find it kind of funny, though, as the whole reason for Performance View was that the LT doesn’t have scribble strips. It would seem odd to me to have two displays showing redundant information.
  19. The software you need is called HD500 Edit, not Line 6 Edit. Line 6 Edit is very old, and has no compatibility with the HD500. The latest version of HD500 Edit for Windows 10 can be found here:
  20. Seems to me that having the label on the scribble strips is much more important than seeing the color…
  21. You need to be signed into your Line 6 account in HX Edit in order to import those. The .hir files are DRM protected and are tied to your account. As long as your Helix is registered to the same account that Native is licensed to, they should work.
  22. No, I don’t work for them… Like Silverhead mentioned above, I have an association with them through the Expert User program. Just seeing the development process of thr POD Go, which took quite a long time, I know Line 6 doesn’t plan on abandoning it anytime soon. Of course, plans can change if sales aren’t there or something like that. I’ve not seen evidence of that. The GX100 is $170 more than POD Go, which isn’t insignificant in this bracket. I know a major goal with the POD Go was keeping it $500 or less. I actually don’t know how much of a threat the Boss products are to the line. Boss has always been there, and they’ve always made good products, but I think there’s a good number of people who simply won’t give Boss stuff a second look. Anyway, like I said, I’m not saying Line 6 won’t be doing anything new. They certainly will, and it’s not going to be in response to any particular product, though. Development takes a long time. Anything that comes out within the next few years has been in development for a few years already.
  23. Yes - you can assign snapshots to stomp switches in Stomp Mode using the HX Snapshot command in the Command Center.
  24. Well, I guess it’s hard to exactly comment without hearing, but if you have an effects-heavy patch, and you start layering overdubs, it can get to sound kind of messy pretty quick. For example, if you’re looping a delayed sound and your loop timing is a little off from the delay repeats, every pass you record on top of the original signal could have repeats that are misaligned with the earlier pass. Many times with looping, less truly is more, as it’s better to layer a bunch of simple part rather a few more complex parts.
  25. I’m absolutely positive that there isn’t a POD Go replacement coming anytime soon… I can’t go into all the details, but it’s going to be around for a long while. That’s not to say new products won’t be coming out, but nothing that’s going to be a next gen POD. I don’t think Line 6 is really going to try to play in the super inexpensive end of the market. Basically, they can’t afford to…
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