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  1. Personally, I’d automate those changes with MIDI and not even have the guy stepping on anything while recording. That way he can just focus on his playing and singing.
  2. Check out the input block. Make sure the input is set to Guitar + Wireless.
  3. What are you saying is happening, exactly? The notes from the 3 highest strings are cutting out? I don’t really see how that could be a Helix issue…
  4. It’s not just holding down the footswitches - you have to hold them down while powering up. Hold down FS6 & FS12 while powering up to put the unit into Update Mode. Use Line 6 Updater to do the update.
  5. There’s no could about it… It is Yamaha’s choice. Yamaha controls all of the Line 6’s international distribution and set all those policies.
  6. I mean, there’s no conspiracy or anything… They’re just having trouble making the controller because of parts shortages. It happens. I had a vendor on a project I’m working on recently tell me they couldn’t ship a certain light fixture for 48 weeks. If there is stock in Europe and they’re not allowed to ship it, that would be coming from the higher ups at Yamaha. It’s probably not something Line 6 has any say over.
  7. You need to assign parameters you want to change per snapshot to the Snapshots controller. Right click on them in HX Edit and select Snapshots.
  8. Uh, what are you taking about? All of the manuals for discontinued products can be found here:
  9. Not sure I understand what you’re asking… You can easily change presets during a show, yes. There will be a short gap in the sound when you change presets, so you might be better off using snapshots rather than presets.
  10. Make sure you have HX Edit closed when running one 6 Updater.
  11. The XT drivers still work through Windows 11, I believe. I just don’t think they updated for the Apple Silicon chips. The XT is a 20 year old product at this point, so I don’t know. Historically, Line 6 has been pretty good at updating drivers. Editors usually have a shorter support cycle, though. One thing to consider is the HD series was originally released in 2010, so it’s already pretty long in the tooth as far as digital gear goes (I realize the HD X series was released later, but it’s still a continuation of the original HD stuff).
  12. Honestly haven’t been paying that much attention to the HD series stuff since the Helix was released, but I assumed the HD X series was discontinued back when the POD Go was released. I do see now that you can still buy the HD Pro X new from some retailers. So it will still have a full warranty in that case.
  13. The HD X stuff series has been discontinued for a few years now.
  14. Shouldn’t really make a difference. I’ve used all sorts of USB cables with all of my Line 6 devices, and I’ve never had any issues.
  15. There is no option to save the DL4 presets outside of the pedal. They’re just saved on the pedal. You can recall them via MIDI.
  16. The Helix filters MIDI Sysex messages, so, yeah, you’ll need a separate MIDI interface for that.
  17. You can go the MIDI controller route, but beyond that only two button footswitches will work.
  18. Hi there - you just need to download the installation file for Windows… I’m a bit confused as to how you downloaded the .dmg file, but there is separate .exe file as well.
  19. The Helix polyphonic pitch algorithms were actually designed by the same people who designed the Drop algorithm, so there a lot of shared DNA between the two.
  20. I have owned Line 6 products going back to the POD 2.0, and have all the main floorboards. I have the Helix, Helix Rack, Stomp, Stomp XL, and HX Effects, and I’ve never had a USB port fail. I’ve definitely seen threads about it, but there are ton of these units on the market. I don’t think it’s all that common. I’d recommend opening up a support ticket, and Line 6 should take care of it for you.
  21. I actually believe if you buy an LT through this promotion, you’ll get Native, Metallurgy and Cubase LE for free:
  22. There are free VST loaders out there that will let you run Native like a standalone app, more or less. So if you don’t want to actually record anything, you could try one of those.
  23. You can’t… On the Helix, you could conceivably do it with snapshots, because the EXP1/EXP2 state of the pedal is saved per snapshot, but that also means you’re hitting a footswitch to change snapshots, and then the wah would just be on when you enter that snapshot. And that might be awkward. I personally have never found this to be that big of a problem, but the normal state of my volume pedal 100%, as I typically only it to do volume swells or to mute my signal.
  24. I believe those are the correct factory presets. There aren’t factory presets for every amp model.
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