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  1. HI jcknnick, I just posted a comment on the following thread (I assume since you posted on the other topic you may be subscribed to both but here is the link anyway to see if it helps you out): hope this helps :-)
  2. Hi jckinnick and jacob_seal, I opened a support ticket and the guy helping me was kind enough to attach monkey/drivers/firmware to the ticket, (since for me the page was broken for the software and monkey couldnt download it), I was then able to download and install software (not through monkey but through the attached files in the support ticket), maybe if you have a ticket open you can suggest it, if your unable to download from line6 site? jcknnick, Im not sure about the 'failure to launch installer', maybe you can get driver from support ticket? hope this helps :-)
  3. Looks like someone else may have a similar issues, here's the link to another post in case they have a solution: I'll keep you posted, kindly let me know if you find a solution, I can't wait to upload some tones :-)
  4. Looks like there's someone else who may have a similar issue, here's the link to another post to keep you updated in case they have a solution: I'll keep you posted if anything gets fixed on my side of things.
  5. Hi Jacob seal, thanks for letting us know, Im having the exact same issue, and got monkey from support and have the same 404 issue and can't install anything via monkey nor from site, I've tried from multiple browsers/computers as well, support said it's definitely a connection in my end but they can't figure it out, I'll keep you posted as to what happens. FYI they said that we're unable to download via phone...
  6. Hi jckinnick, thought Id give you a quick update, Line 6 support is still helping me, they say there is no problem on their servers etc, but for some reason my computer isnt connecting to their servers to grab the updates etc. Ill keep you posted on what happens, any news on how your updates are going?
  7. Is anybody else having downloading/updating issues? trying to figure out if its on Line 6 side or something with my system that's all :)
  8. Ive had trouble downloading monkey, firmware, drivers etc for HD 500x as well, they all come up as a bad url, Ive tried downloading them using other browsers as well as trying to update it from a previous version of monkey but it says it can find drivers etc to complete the update...maybe its something on line 6 side of things?
  9. That would be my guess, although someone from another post said its working fine for them, I put in a support ticket to line 6, when I hear back, Ill let you know what they say (although you may wish to put in a ticket as well since your using podxt, not sure if they're using the same software?)
  10. Ive tried downloading an older version on monkey (which installs ok, but doesnt have hd500x listed) and tried to update software to newer version but it doesnt work either...I also tried downloading HD 500x edit and see if I could download other software from there but it has the same broken url link...
  11. I have had the same issue when trying to get firmware updates/monkey/drivers etc for HD 500x, all the software that Ive tried for the HD 500x seems to take me to a bad url link as well, Ive even tried downloading an old version of monkey but it cant update any software to new versions, is anybody else having trouble?
  12. Thanks punkyboy for your reply, I did try downloading via Firefox as well as explorer but it still has the error, I'll keep trying and put in a ticket and see what support says :-)
  13. Hi everybody, I didnt know if anybody else if having trouble downloading software from the line 6 site (just bought a pod hd500x but cant download any software for it), it says "404 file not found", anybody have any thoughts? :) Im kinda excited to load some new tones!
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