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  1. So I’m using a sennheiser TX wireless https://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/sennheiser-xsw-d-instrument-tx-wireless-digital-transmitter-only-with-jack-63mm-1-4-input and plugging In my beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones to wireless and other end of wireless to headphone output https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/DT770pro--beyerdynamic-dt-770-pro-250-ohm-closed-back-studio-mixing-headphones the issue is it transmits audio but for some reason not in stereo? The Daddrio cable I’m plugging headphones and transmitter is a stereo adapter. I tried using the wireless going into my Aux (with iPhone usin go sonic port adapter) and bam my phone is feeding audio in stereo but using the same connections on headphone output only getting audio in Left side. I’m just trying to not be feathered with my headphone cable while practicing and the good thing is latency is minimal imo but need stereo.
  2. Hay does anyone know what Speaker is in the Gemini 2-P? I'm wanting to do a DIY version of the Cab because i love it and can't afford it but like all others Mission Claims it's a proprietary driver which im sure its just an Celestian or Eminence or whatever.
  3. Hey any recommendations on a FRFR Speaker (Diy CAB) to Push with a 30 Watt Orange Terror without much Gain as i use the HX Stomp to color the sound. The reason i need high sens. and low wattage is i power the Orange Via Battery Bank for portability.
  4. SO my question is about powering the HX Stomp with a PD Battery Bank via Ripcords 5V to 9V adapter. https://myvolts.com/product/39019/Ripcord_9V_c-ve So i also got a 2.1MM to 2.5MM adapter but hesitant if this should work? (A few people on youtube are using this with a PD Battery Bank) byt my math it's 1300mA which from what i understand is acceptable. PD Powerbank Batteries output to ripcord is12 Watts at 9 VOLTS 1.3 Watts per volt= 1330mA
  5. Is it possible to have preset/snapshot to show the name on my HX Stomp?
  6. So I have a line 6 sonic port and want my iPhones to play out of the HX stomp headphone jack along with my guitar? Cant figure it out the sonic port has in/out which I’ve tried to go to the aux in on my hx stomp but only way I get audio from iPhone is if I plug straight into the sonic port. I’m thinking a headphone splitter maybe?
  7. rd2rk i've tried the raising Headrush to chest height and do have a high cut around 9K and a low cut at 90HZ. The only way i can describe it is that the lowest three strings in specific sound sloppy and Harsh almost like a knarly Fuzz in a way. I've tried Jason Sadites paid for presets and they just don't sound nearly the same. I have two different guitars that are drastically different. One is Agile LP with EMP 81/85 and the other is a Standard strat stock spuire affinity so i know the presets will need tweaked to work for both but honestly neither guitar sounds good? i'm just getting frustrated and it may be the FRFR because my Cheap Pre-Sonnus headphones sound much better but still not to my liking. I'm going to invest in some beyerdynamic-770-PRO either 80OHM or 250OHM and see if i can get get sounds from there. If i do then ill think about getting a Powercab instead of the headrush
  8. @FireHawkkWah , How are you connecting to your JBL? a TS or TRS cable because im wondering if using a regular instrument cable is messing me up? My Headrush sounds like hot Garbage with Distortion and slightly better with my Pre-Sonnus headphones but not great
  9. So I've had issues with my Headrush FRFR and the HX Stomp. Anything that's driven sounds really bad through my FRFR speaker. I'm wondering should i be using a TRS cable instead of a standard instrument cable? Do i need to change anything on my HX stomp in the settings?
  10. Thanks for your help guys, it's been a combination of all of the things mentioned and i'm beginning to get things figured out. My main issue at the moment is adjusting presets depending on which guitar im playing. Going from Squire Strat to EMG 85/81 so presets don't work well for both guitars at all
  11. Okay so this is going to sound stupid but im new to Helix and wondering how i can adjust for for Two guitars. One High Output EMP 85/81 LP style. And the other is just a standard Squire Strat. I'm thinking one strat preset and one LP for each but wondering is Gain or Ch. Volume what i need to adjust to match guitar s to presets?
  12. SO for some reason my HX Stomp distortions sound terrible. Going straight into Headrush 8" FRFR. Even the DIR settings sound really bad and just wondering if anyone has any suggestions?
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