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    V240HC Disable Internal Speakers COMPLETELY?

    Hi Bob, Thanks for the response and some food for thought. I wasn't proposing "disabling" the tweeters, but physically switching them to the 1/4 " outs ONLY when FRFR speakers are connected ... to ensure amp circuit for tweeters had a load at all times to avoid damage (if they are indeed on their own amp circuit, which is likely now that you mention it). I assumed high frequencies were also being sent out the 1/4" jacks, but I think you are correct in that Line 6 assumes you are connecting a SPEAKER cab with poor high frequency response, hence the amp head tweeters. Maybe I'll get in touch with Line 6 tech support to see if I can get some specifics about what frequencies are sent out to external speakers ... but I think you are correct. Provided the tweeter circuits always have the minimum required load on them, either amp head speakers or external, I can't see why the 240HC would care either way. So I'm inclined to do the modification. As long as one ensures tweeters always have a load connected to them BEFORE powering on the amp, all should be good! Some sort of simple default "safe mode" detection/switching relay circuit for the tweets would take the "oh sh#% I forgot to ..." factor out of the equation :-) A good rainy day project. Ken
  2. kresner

    V240HC Disable Internal Speakers COMPLETELY?

    Bob says ... "cause Yamaha CBR12's are passive speakers ... and I don't own a powered PA system. So when jamming at home and I need some dB's (or gig with no PA system) the 240HC works fine paired to the CBR12's. Hence Bob's request for info on the modification. If connecting to a PA/front of house system, then of course I would run Helix directly to them" Cheers Mate
  3. Hello Folks, I would like to connect my new Helix floor unit, via Aux In, to my V240HC ... then connect V240HC to an external set of Full Range-Flat Response monitors (via 1/4'" jacks) and need to disable ALL internal speakers in the 240HC when doing so ... I don't need, nor want, the tweeters active in the V240HC in this case ... the FRFR monitors handle high frequencies very nicely. It is my understanding that when external speakers are connected the V240HC tweeters remain active, regardless of Cab Simulation switch setting on back of the amp? Warranty issues aside ... would there be a problem (electrically with the V240HC) adding a physical switch that routes the internal tweeters to the 1/4 output jacks when I have FRFR speakers attached to the same jacks? It would seem that as long as impedance of the FRFR speakers are compatible, the V240HC should be happy ... or not?? I would have to figure whether to connect the tweeters in parallel or series to ensure the resultant impedance is acceptable. Seems simple enough ... hence probably not!! Thanks!