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  1. Hi folks, Here is my new setup... HX Stomp in 3 x snapshot mode - Clean/Drive/Boost CLEAN - everything off DRIVE - Any combo of the Wampler Gearbox and MXR 108 Fuzz which are in the FX loop and block BOOST - As per drive but with a delay triggered, and a 6db boost on the return path This is all working wonderfully....! I've abandoned a Helix LT for this and MUCH prefer it - so much more control, more compact and a hybrid of digital and analogue! I now also have the Morningstar MC8 on a very basic setup as I'm just learning to use it. If you zoom in you might see the selection of blocks I have each switch assigned to, and this is working. Now... Let's say I'm on the CLEAN snapshot. When I trigger the block on switch A (CC#11, CC value 127), then change to either the DRIVE or BOOST snapshot via the stomp, the block carries over and is still switched on. But... when I do the same for any of the other blocks on switches B-H, the block does NOT carry over into DRIVE/BOOST. The block in the original snapshot (CLEAN) remains on when I return to it via the HX STOMP until I turn it off again. Now at the moment I am undecided which method I'd prefer, but I'm veering towards WANTING to carry over the block to the new snapshot as otherwise the MC8 gets a bit confusing - it shows my blocks are switched on but are not until I then do a double tap of the switch. So basically, I need to discover why I have that function on switch A, but none of the others?! My switches are all assigned in order, so B is CC#12, C is CC#13 etc. They are all using CC Value 127. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi folks. Here's what I'm trying to achieve with my LT: * Bottom row in snapshots to toggle between clean/drive/distortion/fuzz. * Top row in stomp to flavour the snapshots with delay/vibe/tremolo/phaser whatever... * External midi controller such as the Disaster Area Midi Baby 3 to act as my lead boost options. I know I can do all of this, but my question is, when it comes to the external midi, can I use a single footswitch to turn multiple blocks on/off simultaneously? For example, if I want one lead boost option to use an eq+drive/+slapback. Then, another footswitch on the midibaby to activate an alternative choice, say just a clean boost, and a third to do something else, say boost+octave? Ideally I then need to be able to hit one of my snapshots to reset everything back to the basic sound with all stomps and lead boost options turned off again. My understanding is all of this is possible, but I've not found another thread anywhere that confirms all elements together? Thank you!
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