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  1. Hi SushiGradeFunk, thanks a lot. I guess it’s the Excel-version you have tested. If so I think I can have some good news (if not, this will be a long answer ;-) … except for one thing I have updated the Excel-version to Hx v3.50. It will be possible to reset configurations per group of Amps, Cabs/IR and Effects and it counts the number of blocks per path and give a warning greater than 16. Have included the possibility to print out the earlier published pdf/Cheat Sheet. It’s under a separate tab and ready to be printed (will still publish the pdf-version). With some luck it will also be possibility to format the print to your own format… When selecting Pre-Amps and Amps there will, at this point, be no choice to select “+Cabs”. It’s a bit tricky to configure with the new cabs/legacy Cabs and get it to make sense. So, in summary, you select Amp and then your choice of Cab's/IR’s (on the Helix it's your choice to pick an Amp thats includes a Cab or not, DSP-calculation is the same). I tried to fix how the “Content” menu presents the selected links but haven’t found a solution on that yet. So, for now the headline will end up on top or bottom of page depending on where on the page you are… The thing left to fix is how to get control over the Cab and IR configuration. Yes, they consume less DSP (eg 3.3% vs 9,6 for single cabs etc.), but they consume at least as much resources in total (DSP + memory +?) as the old Cab’s. What confuses me is that the 3.51 Pilot guide says 2 Single Cab’s or 1 Dual Cab in one path. If that was true, this would be easy. But, I made some test configurations and in one path I had no problem to add 1x Amp + 3x Single Cab/new + 1x Single Cab/leg. I could also make 1x Amp + 4x Single Cab/leg in one single path. That's not what the manual says (at least not on my broken English...). A workaround might be to just “hint” that Cab/IR’s might be out of limit (based on what’s in the 3.51 Pilot guide/page 5 (in the table and first remark below table) and page 35/36. But what's the fun in that... Will do some more testing and finish it up “soon”. //Per
  2. PerS

    Powercab HF Trim

    Hi rd2rk Don’t beat yourself up on this… to be honest, we don’t really know the correct answer. Except what we can make a qualified guess on it, but still, only Line6 have the answer… and I think they have had a lot of opportunities to “correct you” and let us know how we should interpret what’s in the manual and how we should expect the PC to behave. Page 10 - “Each speaker is comprised of a 12" low frequency driver, with a 1" high frequency compression driver mounted in a coaxial configuration.” Page 10 - “An added benefit is that these models provide a variety of speaker tones that can still be captured through a microphone at any placement, thanks to the coaxial speaker system design.” Page 10 - “Powercab 112 includes the first six speaker models in the list below, as well as HF OFF / Natural” Page 13 - “Intended to respond like a real guitar speaker for a traditional "amp-in-the-room" experience. This mode applies different tonal characteristics of the selected speaker model to the system's coaxial driver, with the following adjustable parameters.” “coaxial configuration”, “coaxial speaker system design”, “HF OFF/Natural”, “model to the system's coaxial driver”… hard to say what they mean. They use different way to describe things without declare it with a conclusion. The interpretation of it depends on “which glasses” you wear for the day… I have red yours and amsdenj conversations and my own conclusion is that we will not know until (1) Line6 come with an explanation and (2) come with an update (probably both HX and PC firmware/edit) that streamlines the operation and eg give better control over L6 Link. Preferably describe what behavior to expect and use the same “wording” for the same thing. Eg, for myself (have the PC+ 112) – I have not had much luck with the “amp in the room speakers” (no Cab in the preset, even tried the Neutral, but didn’t like it), and I did invest time on it in the beginning. Now I only use Flat/FRFR mode (3.50 update of the Cab’s really did it). A week ago, amsdenj proposed to use LF Raw without Cab’s in the preset. I tried this a couple of days ago and that was a very positive experience… (had only tried it with Cab’s in the preset before, both LF Flat and LF Raw, no success), thanks for that recommendation. Will do further testing, but looks like a winner :-) So rd2rk, don’t update all your post… I guess the statement in this everyone will be read and commented on it (maybe the TGP “future of Powercab” thread if necessary). With some lock even Line6 :-). If you or amsdenj makes a post I always read them, I learn something every time. And so do others. Take care //Per
  3. I could access it and make an upvote, but it's very slow... //Per
  4. Hi Silverhead Ah, in other words, my answer was too long and to detailed... :-) That’s a problem. I did some testing with MS cloud app on OneDrive and with my Android Excel app, didn’t work. Main problem is micros, there is some VB scrips in there. Some formulas didn’t look so happy either. Made a test against some other “compatible” apps with no luck. Have not tested any IOS apps but that’s no surprise. Thanks to clarify it to me, makes more sense now :-) //Per
  5. Hi @TLF2007 – Both the pdf and Excel versions are based on Ben Vesco’s data. Ben has done a great job on this. @MGW-Alberta – I probably interpret this wrong (English is not my native :-) “much of the functionality of the spreadsheet is unavailable in Numbers…”. Please correct me if I’m wrong. With that risk – Both the pdf and Excel version contain/based on the same numbers/data but in slightly different format. In Excel the focus is to calculate the DSP per Path, incl a dynamic check of the DSP/configurations roles (eg number of amps, CAB/IR configuration, number of Poly/looper devices). DSP are approximated in column “I”, found it handy as I could do “quick calc” before entering my choices. On top of the page you see how much DSP is used/left. Also have a quick view (red/green) that the config is inside the design guidelines. The pdf version is more of a summary of info that is available/have found in different places. To me it was important to have access to some info when dial in presets without having to open the manual or searching different sits/sources (in both documents I have listed my general sources, from where I have stolen most of the info). Is it complete… no, but cover most what I need, and include requests I got from other users. Feel free to add more requests… :-). So, a quick explanation of some of my abbreviations and remarks I use. “*” – Some effects have a mono input and a stereo output. Eg some legacy modulation effects. Described in some old POD effect manuals and in Ben Vesco’s DSP page. “**” – Marks devices where I haven’t been able to find the input impedance of the device from a reliable source. Some documents/info is old or is missing as its a new device added, I have either marked it TBA (to be announced/answered) or I have tried to find the answer myself (marked **). TBA I can’t find an answer and in "**" I have dug it up from manufacturer, schematic, published info etc. “***” – It’s related to amps. In my first version of this I tried to add all default values of the knobs, not doable... So instead, I marked witch main nob that was missing, eg all “Brit” has "no" Master, meaning the Master in the amp should be default at 100%, in most cases. Use “CTRL + click” on slider and you get the default value. LMS – Stands for Legacy, Mono and Stereo and it will tell if the device is a legacy product and how it support mono/stereo and where they will be found on the Helix. Imp – Please find the explanation under “**” above. DSP – Its not the absolute load on the DSP. It’s the relative load available in a path when other jobs/loads that the DSP do is subtracted. So an empty preset is 100% and each device added occupies a part of that available power. Added to that, is the design roles, that is other resources used, eg memory being used. Eg reason why you cann't have two new double IR blocks even if the DSP load is much lower. Ben Vesco explain this on his page as a remarker and in the video at the bottom of the page - https://benvesco.com/store/helix-dsp-allocations/ In the 3.50 of the pdf versions, I added a column of markers due to the complexity with amps and old/new cab’s and mic’s. They have three “stages” – Legacy (L) (eg 57 Dynamic and 1x US Princess), New (N) (eg 906 Dynamic, 4x12 MOO)))N T75) or Updated (!) (eg 57 Dynamic and 1x US Princess). Eg 57 Dynamic and 1x US Princess exist both as legacy and updated, all with the same name. I made the marker red to visualize it better. In future updates I will remove “N” and “!” from corresponding device in this version (3.50) and add them to the ones that are new/updated in next release. The “L” will still be there and be added to those moving to legacy. On effects there is a “double marking” on legacy effects, both in LMS column and “L-N-!” column, “L” will be removed in LMS column. So your question was probably much simpler and I overdid it… didn’t I :-) //Per
  6. Hi SushiGradeFunk Short answer is no, I have not updated the DSP/Excel version to 3.5. Longer answer, I made some function updates, like being able to do reset per group of amps and effects, but I could not fix some other issues (like sort order and when clicking on a link under “Content” to land on the same spot in a section). When 3.50 came it added another problem, data structure. Suddenly there was a new dimension/relation, new cabs and IR blocks. I have not given up making the Excel version, but I will have to rethink a few things. Made an update in the PDF-version (based on Excel too) to be found here, on my Dropbox - https://www.dropbox.com/s/49wa0nkn08xsk9f/Line6 Helix-Model Summary%2C 3.50d.pdf?dl=0. It’s based on the changes in HX Edit 3.51, some name changes/corrections and a mic that was missing. I also changed the formatting to landscape and added DSP values for amps, cabs and effects. More pages but also more info… I had to redo the database to make this one but did that to be reused in the DSP/Excel version. So, I need to Transfer/redo the presentation layer and its logic… As you so kindly ask for it, I will try to make it happen :-). At this point no promise when, but soon… :-) In mean time, please try the PDF and let me know if its usable (maybe even enough, don’t need the DSP/Excel version… :-). //Per
  7. If above doesn't help try this - Take a full backup of the unit, do a factory reset (hold FS 9+10 and turn on the unit, Restores Global parameters, Presets and Setlists to factory default and clear all IRs (Factory restore), this will set Helix to Factory Default). Before restoring the backup, test a preset from Setlist 1 or make one yourself. If it works, try to restore the backup and hope it just were a computer glitch :-). Or at least you know there is something in your configuration. I would guess that support will recommend you reload the firmware as a second step. At least they did to me when I had a strange problem. //Per
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    Thanks for the reminder MusicLaw, I saw the post but forgot to do the upvotes. The May i did earlier. The November ideas now upvoted. //Per
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    @SaschaFranck. Ah, you wanted to be inspired... sorry for that. Saw several threads talking about Idescale being down/locked. Instead of answering all those threads, some old, I opened a new one. I was there to see if anyone had added something fun and maybe add my vote if it was useful. I’m actually very happy with my HX LT as is. Have fairly simple requirements, plays mostly blues... Most of what I voted for before is now available, e.g. signal metering/clipping indication, some overdrives etc. Some are still missing, e.g. Dumbel’ish, Catalyst amps, Acoustic amps, global blocks etc. HX v.3.50 was a big game changer for me with the new speaker, will live a long time on that update. PowerCab is a different story... what a mess, would like to see a total makeover there, from HX Edit integration to Global EQ... but that's a different forum. On TGP there is a “future of Powercab” thread that sum’s it up pretty well. Lucky I didn’t post an ideascale then, you could eat your pizza while it was still warm :-) //Per
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    So, then you had time to think about suggestions for new fun stuff to add :-) Link it and I vote for it, if its fun... //Per
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    Hi I happend to enter Ideascale a moment ago and it looks like it's up and working. At least I could upvote and there was two new post in Helix forum from someone in the last days. Hope it still works so you can submit some fun stuff ;-) //Per
  12. Looks like it's (ideascale) write protected/read-only. I was logged in... Marry Christmas every one /Per
  13. I think you have the main part of the answer above, but I add my 2 cents… if it’s the consensus of the forum I don’t know, is there one? Maybe Line6 Support can give a more comprehensive answer about how good the uninstaller is. My experience of uninstalling software in general is that they all leave things behind, Line6 is no exception. To deal with that you can use an uninstaller app, like Revo. As you want to reduce the number of app’s, just uninstall it when done. Or, keep it to have the possibility to uninstall more apps at a later time. PierM’s suggestion of Revo is a good one, heard a lot of good things about it but never tried it myself. Would recommend uninstalling all the apps on your pic (as it looks like an old revision of sw has not been uninstalled…) and then reinstalling the once you want to keep. The way I would do it (without uninstaller software) -> Unplug the USB cable -> Reboot the PC (will release software/drivers before uninstalling, less leftovers) -> Uninstall all the one in the pic -> Reboot the PC (fresh PC) -> Re install apps you want to keep -> Reboot PC -> Reconnect the USB-cable, ready to go. With the uninstaller software you can probably uninstall/install it all without the rebooting as the software can clean up even locked files. Anyway, you need to unplug the USB cable to HX to do a “safe” reinstallation. I use a cleaning/optimization software for Windows to do the clean-up on regular basis/abt once a month or if I make any larger/important software changes. It cleans out leftovers and keeps my PC snappy, and it does not change my audio optimization changes (like not allowing PC to go to sleep, no power management on USB/network cards/ports, CPU priorities etc.) (it need some config to do this good). As you want to reduce the number of app’s I don’t go into details. Let me know if it’s of interest, I can describe what I do. Hope I didn’t get to far from your intention with your post… //Per
  14. Thanks, MusicLaw. I'm just glad it might be of use for someone else but me. And it gives me an opportunity to practice/expand my Excel skills. Was natural when I was working, part of my job. Retired for two years now so doing this and some other small projects gives me an opportunity to practice my skills. And to practice my conversing English :-) I think I found the reason why you had to be logged in to be able to view/download files on the Line6 forum (Regarding the conversation on TGP )... If I upload the file to the library on the Line6 forum, there will be a link in the post and other user need to login to download. If I add an external link, like now to my dropbox, then I think you can access the link and download without logging in. Another thing was that I couldn't delete files from the folder in my profile without first removing them from the threads they were posted in. This must have happened after some update of the forum, worked before... //Per
  15. So, I have tried to correct some errors in the document and also incorporated Ben Vesco’s DSP update (what an incredible work...) for v3.50>>. And what I can see at this point it’s all there. If you find anything suspicious don’t hesitate to let me know. So, use it and have fun. I can’t delete the old files on the forum and the map is full… Download link via my Dropbox - https://www.dropbox.com/s/iavpjym4mxvr9s2/Line6%20Helix-Model%20Summary%2C%203.50c.pdf?dl=0 //Per
  16. Thanks @bontarou, I’m glad you do. Oh, and that’s good news. Checked yesterday as I was making the last changes/correction. I will look at what he published and import it into the Cheat Sheet. Thanks for the hands-up. And when on the subject – If Ben/Malhavok sees this please contact me via L6 account. Tried to find a way to reach out but only found it via Facebook and there I’m not. Or if someone has his contact info... //Per
  17. @matsulli – I found they have two types of sticky models but thinking of getting the tag model insted and using double side tape to attach it to the HX. I may have use for the tags in other applications too… @mritt, @azorwit – You are so welcome… Just a hands up, there will be a C-version too... Just small changes/corrections, like the Studio Tube Pre that I deleted by mistake when I took away the legacy Amp/Cab/Mic’s (focused on the new Amp/Cab/Mic’s). Found some more misspellings, surpicing. Next time I will add some more QC-time and use the document in real life before publishing it :-). To my defense I claim to have used too much time getting the structure in the database correct ;-). So now time to update my old favorite presets. //Per
  18. When staring at a document for too long, you become blind to the obvious... Updated version of the Cheat Sheet. Found that my macros hadn’t updated the Wah models and that my Swedish dialect influenced my writing :-). So the 3.5b-version is in the link below and the first post. //Per Edit: I can’t delete the old files on the forum and the map is full… Download link via my Dropbox - https://www.dropbox.com/s/iavpjym4mxvr9s2/Line6%20Helix-Model%20Summary%2C%203.50c.pdf?dl=0
  19. That’s a cool idea... Saw that a local company here had some slim NFC stickers. Will try it. Thanks //Per
  20. You are so wellcome. Glad it can be of use to someone else but myself. //Per
  21. Hi @MusicLAw, thanks. I have several sources of information and have to sort/filter it down to one list. My key is the Line6 name, and I can’t believe how many misspellings there are, even in the Line6 document… e.g. Ratatoullie, Pattrn etc, hard to know if it’s intentional or not, but it becomes the reference, learn from that ;-). Long story short, I got one name left, the Fanny Pack, and after checking it in my LT I understood that I got a glimpse into next version :-). Wonder what else they had to leave out to release 3.50…? And you are correct, I should have reported the findings to Line 6, to focus on Excel... Glad you did, thanks. Hopefully they don’t update the manual, prefer they update the firmware :-) I also saw your post on TGP, that was encouraging, sir. //Per
  22. Made the update to 3.50 last weekend. A really great update, very impressed. First thought was – Who stole my blanket…? Was a bit scared when I read the Helix forums on Line6.com and TGP, but finished the update without any problems, start to finish 25 minutes. Thanks Line6. So, time to update the Cheat Sheet… Some of you have already seen and used my Cheat Sheet in pdf and also know that I promised to move this to Excel… well this last update added some new challenge to this (new structure, more than one item with the same name etc.), so I’ll do some more work on that later. This last update, amazing as it is, adds some complexity so I decided to make a few changes. Made the printout in landscape as the font size became so small, I couldn’t read it. As landscape opened up space to add info that could be relevant. DSP was mentioned earlier so that is in. Ben Vesco’s site has been a great source to do this. Also added changes from last version in a more detailed way. If it’s a new amp/effect added (N), if it’s an update from last version (!) and if it’s a legacy (L). Also found a bass amp cab that was in Edit Pilot Guide but not in the firmware… Added the documentation of new/default amp-cab-mic combinations but skipped the old ones as when building presets now will probably be based on the new cab’s/mic’s. But all info on previous cabs, mic’s and effects are there to use. As before, all items appear in the same order as on the Helix unit itself. Not – There is info I don’t have at this point. It’s marked with “tba” and will be updated when available. From the beginning the purpose of this document was to have a short handy printout with a selection of info of interest in the guitar bag. Well, the last updates have made hardcopy less interesting. To many pages and to many lines… now 11 pages and 450+ lines/items. Today extended searchable info in condensed pdf-format is the quick way to find info without going through manual and additional info. Feel free to use it if it’s of any help. Open for feedback/suggestions to make it better. //Per Edit: I can’t delete the old files on the forum and the map is full… Download link via my Dropbox - https://www.dropbox.com/s/iavpjym4mxvr9s2/Line6%20Helix-Model%20Summary%2C%203.50c.pdf?dl=0
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    Variax 700

    Just like Codamedia says and add a link to a thread that Master himself has written and I have used so many times :-) - The interface and cables you need looks like these - //Per
  24. This might be a starting point to understand how to approuch this in Helix, between presets/snapshots and to foh/mixer
  25. Check your Global setting > Footswitches > Stomp select, it should be set to Touch. Link fo the manual in datacommand's post above /Per
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