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  1. Well thats an assumption that cannot be disputed. Where were you on my cashless society argument?
  2. Cool thanks. Its just seems a little awkward without PMs. I guess one could make a million assumptions as to "why" that option is no longer available but regardless of the reason, its the first ive personally ever experienced that option unavailable in a forum setting. Maybe youtube.
  3. I find i like ownhammer IRs for original tones and redwirez for classic sounds that i grew up hearing. I havent liked a whole lot else but im trying to. Pretty much anything can be EQ'd into submission. Over all the the original marshall checkerboard from OH is my favorite. Then various redwirez. Heavy Hitters vol 1 (havent tried vol 2) For amps i tend to like mid to high gain...more mid gain, i like to hear most every note in bigger chords....as far as amps go i like all the usual suspects, placater, both JCM 800s, Engl, revv, Park 75, Badonk. Theres a lot of good stuff there but honestly the cab is where its all at. Ive gotten tones i like out of most every amp. You said it well by calling it "a cheaper form of GAS" i completely agree with that but man ive tried a TON of IRs and im pretty tired of getting stuck with stuff i DONT like or wont use. It starts to feel like a waste of money. It really seems like a very individual thing speaking of what IRs people like.. I dont like celestion IRs at all but Pete Thorn will tell you their some of his favs. Same with HX cabs. Im still on the fence about the York audio stuff. He has some very bold sounding cabinets but the EQ needed to make these cabs sound right to my ears is the complete other end of the spectrum of what im used to..which is darker OH files. I tend to feel most amps sound best at the very edges of their capabilities. ie: adding a bit of gain because the mids are maxxed out. I dont know... just babbling here :)
  4. Tried to send one to my bud and didnt see an option for it, so i clicked on a few random forum members names and still not seeing that option.
  5. Yeah im sure you ARE happy. If youre new to IRs (and thats all i use, HX cabs dont work for me at all) i think you'll find over time you'll develop a bit of a catalog, for lack of a better term at the moment. The cool thing is that redwirez, ownhammer, york G12M25 IRs sound completely different from one another. Ive owned Helix for 5 years now and stumbling on to a stunning new IR can really open up a lot of doors and make playing super fun. Just when you think your tone is pretty damn good, i'll end up finding a new IR that takes it to another level. Good luck with all that.
  6. I mean wouldnt you want to use your ears and decide for yourself? Asking people to tell you what sounds "right" and what doesnt, isnt really musical. Exploration, experimentation, is part of the fun.
  7. Same deal here. Helix tuner works until Helix has been on for a while, and then tuner quits working. To get tuner working again, Helix needs to be turned off and then turned back on.
  8. Its nice but ive never had even a single issue updating in 4 years, and trust me when i tell you im in the bottom 20%, regarding computer literacy.
  9. Im pretty sure they are hard panned by default....but no, no way to pan them off the top of my head. One of a few important oversights in Helix. Edit to the OP: nope no way to adjust the pan without another block.
  10. So yeah, after reading the OPs post and your reference to Native i was a bit confused as to what we may be talking about here, but yeah updating from 2.90 to 2.91 solved my issue.
  11. Having the same issue. Installing 2.91 now or whatever is latest
  12. Try other USB cables and or jacks
  13. A Few thoughts.... output meters.... theres not really a reason to see them all the time. Most any output is kinda set and forget. If output levels fluctuate that much, it most likely means your volume is as well, not good. IMO just two colors for the out meters green and yellow. helix cant clip, so no need to add a third color for clip indication. In/out meters showing at all times probably makes the screen too cluttered looking for my tastes, especially when a gain reduc meter joins up with the always on in/out meters. I think the input blocks are fine. Youre plugging a guitar in, volumes arent really going to alter wildly enough to take advantage of any kind of precisive metering. Take no offense please. Ive been against everything but gain reduction meters since day one, so it could have just as well been DIs name at the top of this post and it would have received then same response.
  14. I would say your assertion is correct. I replaced one IR with another, and that is the result.
  15. Not an issue. Posting for awareness. V 2.90 I couldnt even really tell you what it means, ive simply never seen a message from Helix like this.
  16. Guys im sorry that i posted this cheesy little clip this way. It makes perfect sense that there would be some confusion. Any normal person would have simply posted a vid but i dont really have a "bedroom studio" per say, and thats exactly where i was at the time of posting. If you look at the pic Im actually running an amp first. Its the archetype clean i think. I tried it without an amp at all and it still seemed OK, but the amp in front of the drive just sounded better in the moment. Honestly running a pedal AFTER an amp is the LAST thing i would ever do, but i read somewhere to try Legend on its own and for whatever reason it ended up post amp. I was going to refine the preset and track a bit over the weekend and repost but i'll just leave the current preset here so you can refine it to your own liking. Its ridiculously simple, no snapshaots or anything. The right IR or cab will be the key obviously. I dont use HX cabs. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dxm2962fs8y5ew8/raven111.hlx?dl=0 Thats great. Post amp worked best for me but i havent really had a chance to work thru the pedals. Im going to guess that anything that adds cleaner volume without a lot of gain will work pretty well. Even the studio tube pre would probably do ok.
  17. Just a Steven Slate loop. SSD5.5 to be exact. The Modern Rock preset with a couple very minor tweaks. If you dont already have it, just get it without even thinking about it :) Thats a redwirez IR. I'll see if i can refine it all a little bit and leave the preset here, for anyone who may be interested in that type of sound.
  18. Right? For a drive pedal? Its not bad at all. Definitely more tone than i expected from a "pedal" that i had very little interest in when the update dropped. Turning out to be a favorite part of the update.
  19. Here i just threw a quick 15 second riff down over a loop, tuned how it might sound if i were using it personally. lol super sloppy and only one working computer speaker. im a mess. Im assuming it sounds ok at least for the couple minutes i spent. I really have no way to monitor at the moment. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e6j869y9p3l1m06/new test.wav?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/dgc3y3txvj4wsgh/L drive.PNG?dl=0
  20. Use it after an amp. Something low gain preferably. Use it without an amp at all.
  21. Its all right there in the 2.9 thread. You know that stuff IS meant to be read :) Knob 1 (Threshold)—Signals below the Threshold are routed to Path A; signals above the Threshold are routed to Path B Knob 2 (Attack)—Determines how fast the signal routes to Path B once reaching the Threshold Knob 3 (Decay)—Determines how fast the signal returns to Path A once falling below the Threshold Knob 4 (Reverse)—Swaps dynamic path routing. When set to "On", signals below the Threshold are routed to Path B and signals above the Threshold are routed to Path A
  22. Click on your output block and then look at the helix. Click on your compressor block then look at the helix.
  23. Old bug reappearing - Moving an IR block causes it to reset to #1
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