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  1. Hi guys. I went to plug in the M9 and nothing. I tried several different working outlets in the house - it will not power on. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Maybe that's helping give that punchy, thick sound? We're friends on Facebook, so I'll ask him. This guy used to play for Asia. Just a young fella.
  3. Thanks guys. Yes, I should've been more clear - it's the initial tone I'm after, although as he adds fx it sounds great too, but I'm after that initial clean, punchy Fender tone. I haven't tried the dual pitch effect - not even sure what it is, I'll check it out. I'll try the Bassman with those settings as well.
  4. I realize Sam is using 2 actual Fender amps, a Bassman and a Vibroking. I believe he's just using the Helix for effects here. Both amps (each on their own and blended) have that thick, punchy tone. I tried a few Bassman and other Fender amps in the Helix, through various OwnHammer IRs. I can't get even close - they all sound farty - no punch or tightness. Any recommendation to get close to this tone (at 1:04 and on). I realize a lot if it is in his hands (he's a badass) but can anyone recommend how to get close to this tone in the Helix? I have the OwnHammer Core Tone Bundle.
  5. This was a huge help, thank you kindly. And wow, what a powerful feature. Like having your own personal guitar tech backstage switching patches for you. Awesome.
  6. hey, thanks for the comment man. That’s exciting to think about. Fortunately this is a relatively cheap form of GAS. I’m just blown away by the difference from the stock cabs or even the free IRs I was using. Very, very musical sounding, and yes, a lot of fun to play. Inspiring. I’m also blown away by how the guitars sit in the mix...very glued in, if you will. I’m turfing all my previously recorded guitar parts (mostly Guitar Rig) and redoing with Helix and OH. Too much fun! What are some of your favourite Helix amps and OH IRs?
  7. I ended up buying the core tone bundle. I tried the Rectifier and Fender from the QuickStart folder - just the first ones in each respective list. Wow. Blown away. Tone heaven.
  8. Hi guys. I recently purchased Helix Native and am loving it. I use it with Logic Pro X. I'm happy with the clean and OD sounds, but am interested in taking the crunch factor to the next level with some OwnHammer IRs. Good grief are there a lot of products there. I'm looking for that Hetfield crunch mostly. It seems the ones that make sense are the California Duo, and the Heavy Hitters packs. I also read up a bit on the Line 6 Players packs - which I guess are just a little simpler, less choices. That appeals to me -as even the amount of choice there is ridiculous. Any recommendations? The Line 6 Player packs have the Rectifier 4x12 and 2x12. What's the major difference between these 2? I own an actual Rectoverb head and 2x12 cab. Is the quality of these as good as the straight OwnHammer packs? And what about the 4x12 Fman player pack? I know nothing about these cabs. So I suppose, long story short, I am looking for that tight, massive Hetfield crunch, and I think (please correct me if I'm wrong or there are better choices) I'm looking at the Line 6 4x12 or 2x12 Rect player packs, the California Duo or the Heavy Hitters (1 or 2). Sorry, that's loaded (pun intended). I'm new to IR's and Helix, so my apologies. Any feedback/advice appreciated, thank you!
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