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  1. Sorry I mean is there an LED indicator on the Catalyst to show that it’s poweramp is clipping when using a modeler into the return.
  2. Is there a LED that indicates when the Power Amp is being driven too hard?
  3. Thanks. What I want to do is tap the tempo in for a freeform loop and then switch to a saved loop that has a specified tempo which is sent to the Stomp...
  4. Hi everyone. I am trying to use my HX Stomp with a Boss RC-500 looper. I would like the RC-500 to send the tempo information to the HX. This works correctly until I stop a loop on the RC-500. The HX then returns to its default bpm value. I tested this with my Fractal FM3 and it did not happen so I believe the issue is with the Stomp. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I haven never gotten a modeler to sound better than a high end tube amp but I do love using Helix as a controller and for traveling light to rehearsals. It’s a venerable Swiss Army knife!
  6. What is the bug exactly and is it affecting everyone?
  7. Why not just have the way turn on with a top press? I'd like to try your patch!
  8. The new delay pedal in version 2.0 has no 'mix' setting on the computer editor...
  9. AeroUSA

    Matrix FR10

    Thanks for this, please update us again after the gig!
  10. AeroUSA

    Matrix FR10

    Has anyone tried these yet?
  11. I thought you all might like to know that Sweetwater is still sold out but Guitar Center has Helix stock as of right now.
  12. Hey thanks so much for this. I'll try it out tonight. Maybe your acoustic preset will work well with the Variax acoustics as well...? Do you use different presets for clean and crunch etc or do you control everything from within one preset? Thanks!
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