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Found 6 results

  1. Boot failure- whammy gets stuck- pedal won’t work until I turn unit off and on- amp switching stops working- i have to actually load up a setting w amp switching and switch it once before it will even work otherwise my amp is stuck on channel B so now it’s part of my boot up process. I use snapshots intricately in my band. a bank for every song- 4 snapshots per song usually sometimes only 3. with these glitches I’m terrified of it happening on stage! its a song stopper for sure! Ive changed firmware, still the same. i get a boot failure 1/10 times if not more turning it on. LINE 6 !!! I want it to work right before I give a crap about additional features! who else has these issues?
  2. Hi there! First post here! Been a happy L6 user since X3 days until my Helix LT and this community has been a source of inspiration. Now I recently got a HX Effects to use with my JVM410H, and everything sounds killer but I wish I could assign different midi messages to different snapshots so that I can switch the amp channels. What I'd like to do is assign snapshot 1 to my clean channel, snapshot 2 to crunch and so on. I've search the forum and only could find info about EXT AMP switching (TS cable) but nothing about midi and snapshots. I guess it has something to do with INSTANT COMMANDS but can't find an answer. What am I missing? Is there a way to do so? Thank you very much, any help will be appreciated.
  3. A bit of background info- Running HX effects straight into the front of an egnater renegade 212 combo. I have set up channel switching (clean/dirty) in the HX using a trs cable from EXT 2 and am trying to set up an expression pedal (Dunlop Volume X mini) on EXT 1. the Dunlop volume X mini works perfectly on EXT 2 for volume blocks but I can’t only get a small sweep (approximately 65%-90%) on EXT 1! I used a TS cable in both setups. Amp channel switching works perfectly on EXT 2 as well, but will not work on EXT 1 jack (yes I changed the setting from tip2 to tip1). In my perfect setup EXT 1 would be my Dunlop Volume X mini - used for volume swells, wah or any other parameter change I need depending on my preset. And EXT 2 would be dedicated to amp channel switching. am I having issues with the Dunlop in EXP 1 jack because it’s default to wah? why wouldn’t both EXP jacks behave the same and be able to do whatever I program them to?! any help would be appreciated!
  4. I’m running my amp head and the 500x in 4CM where I use the 500x also for channel switching on my amp via the 500x's midi OUT (the amp head has midi on-board). The 500 switch layout is sw1-4 for FX on/off and sw5-8 for presets select and amp channel switching. When clicking 5-8 in different banks I can see that the 500 sends all kind of midi commands as my amp head acting differently with every preset / click. When I go into midi menu (I’m following “POD HD500X as a MIDI Controller Device…….B•5” in the manual) and define the correct PC for each switch (5-8) the 500 do sends the correct commands and the amp acts as it should but when exiting the midi menu back to main display, it sends again the wrong commands. What I would like to have are simply 3 PC (31, 29 ,6) on switches 5-8 corresponds to sw5=pc31, sw6=pc29, sw7=pc29, sw8=pc6 and the same switches setup will be applicable for all banks / presets so it doesn’t matter which bank I’m, it will always sends the same PC on sw5-8. sw1-4 should not send any midi commands at all. How do I do that? Thanks.
  5. Just got the Helix rack and control board one week ago, so far the unit is marvelous in terms of usability, flexibility, and sound preservation. Yes, a cannot emphasize this enough how important the preservation of an original sound for me is. I use 2 amps, Mesa Boogie MKV and a Marshall Jubilee 2555, both wired with the 4 Cable Method. So far the Helix maintains the sonic integrity of the MKV and Marshall. When using just one amp, hum is no issue ether with either MKV or Marshall 2555. A. When cabling the preamps into effects Loop 1 MKV and effects Loop2 for the M 2555, I can alternate between both preamps. In this case the hum involved (ground loop - DC coupling) makes the whole setup unusable. B. When cabling the preamps into effects Loop 1/2 (Setup as Stereo) for MKV and the M 2555, I can alternate between both preamps using a Lehle SGoes Amps switcher (the red one) which uses a High Z transformer for avoiding DC coupling. In this case the hum involved (DC coupling -ground loop) is reduced significantly Here is the Routing: I use the send from Helix effects loop 1 wired into the Lehle Input. The 2 Lehle Outputs are wired to MKV Input, and Marshall Input, the MKV effects send is wired to Helix effects loop 1 return, the Marshall 2555 effects send is wired to Helix effects loop 2 return In both A and B, the Helix Outputs are wired to the effect Returns of MKV and 2555 The sound preservation is amazing, but the hum remaining still needs to be addressed. Any ideas how to get even lower hum levels with this setup? Thanks for any helpful advise Regards
  6. I'm having a frustrating time with an A-B Switch block. I'm tying to switch 100% to path A, or path B. What seems to be happening is that when engaged, it sends 100% to path B, and when disengaged it sends 50% to path A and 50% to path B. I have the foot switch assigned as a controller with the minimum set to 100% A and the maximum sent to 100% B. When the LED is on, the screen shows [b 100]. When the LED is off, the screen shows [A 100]. However, the behavior is very clearly 50/50. The factory preset for this configuration seems to work correctly, which leads me to think it might be user error. However, I can't find anything different in my "I created it" patch from the factory patch. I'm running firmware version 1.10.0. Thoughts?
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