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  1. Moved the amp to the same power source as the Helix. Problem solved. Thanks so much!
  2. So, having an issue with unwanted hum that I've never seen before. Using the Helix as an FX board in front of a Dr. Z Carmen Ghia. This amp is very simple. 2 knobs, no effects loop. Brilliant tone. Here is the scenario... If I plug my guitar directly into the amp, no hum. If I unplug from the guitar and into any output of the Helix I get terrible hum. This is true even if the Helix is turned off. I tried several cables. All had the exact same behavior. Anyone know how to fix this. The Helix/Camen Ghia combination is unusable the hum is so loud.
  3. I have been using the M13 in my effects loops (2 of them for pre/post). Looks like I can free those up and sell the M13 (maybe not, :-)) Also, the Lone Star is my favorite MB amp, so looking forward to that. Can't wait for the new reverbs. I had taken to putting my H9 in one of the loops for most of my reverb needs. Hopefully that won't be necessary any longer. This looks like a great update. Nice job.
  4. So, apparently I'm one of almost no one who uses 2 DT amps with my POD HD 500X. I use it to support stereo out primarily, with 2 of the same amp model for the most part. I do have a few patches that use 2 different amp models (the AC30 with the Bassman is a great combination). So, my list, by priority, would be as follows. 1. Configure the proper power amp configuration for the chosen pre-amp(s), for both left and right, while bypassing the DT pre-amp(s). 2. Separate left and right audio paths. 3. Ability to adjust tone, volume, etc. from either the DT or the Helix. That's pretty much it.
  5. So, I found a work around. If I go to the A/B block and go into Command Center and change the command, then change it back to none, everything works like it should. This has happened on every A/B I have used. I have no idea why this works this way.
  6. I'm having a frustrating time with an A-B Switch block. I'm tying to switch 100% to path A, or path B. What seems to be happening is that when engaged, it sends 100% to path B, and when disengaged it sends 50% to path A and 50% to path B. I have the foot switch assigned as a controller with the minimum set to 100% A and the maximum sent to 100% B. When the LED is on, the screen shows [b 100]. When the LED is off, the screen shows [A 100]. However, the behavior is very clearly 50/50. The factory preset for this configuration seems to work correctly, which leads me to think it might be user error. However, I can't find anything different in my "I created it" patch from the factory patch. I'm running firmware version 1.10.0. Thoughts?
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