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  1. Hey @dantheprophet I use my helix floor for my bass rigs and have had nothing short of amazing tones! I go from my bass (77 Ripper) into the helix. I don't use a preamp I use a full bass amp (no cabinet...yet). Lately I've been using the SVT 4PRO. I set up my compression, pitch shifting and volume pedal before the amp, then the amp, some reverb and delays after and a little compression. After that my signal chain splits, one split goes to my 1/4 inch outs, this I feed to the effects return input on my GK1001 rb which powers my 410 on stage cab! The GK acts as my power amp only and I don't find it to color my tone much at all. my stage sound is punchy as hell and moves plenty of air. The other split in my chain heads through the Rhino 610 cab in helix and out my XLR to FOH. Let me know if you have any questions!
  2. I was having this problem before updating to 2.7
  3. A bit of background info- Running HX effects straight into the front of an egnater renegade 212 combo. I have set up channel switching (clean/dirty) in the HX using a trs cable from EXT 2 and am trying to set up an expression pedal (Dunlop Volume X mini) on EXT 1. the Dunlop volume X mini works perfectly on EXT 2 for volume blocks but I can’t only get a small sweep (approximately 65%-90%) on EXT 1! I used a TS cable in both setups. Amp channel switching works perfectly on EXT 2 as well, but will not work on EXT 1 jack (yes I changed the setting from tip2 to tip1). In my perfect setup EXT 1 would be my Dunlop Volume X mini - used for volume swells, wah or any other parameter change I need depending on my preset. And EXT 2 would be dedicated to amp channel switching. am I having issues with the Dunlop in EXP 1 jack because it’s default to wah? why wouldn’t both EXP jacks behave the same and be able to do whatever I program them to?! any help would be appreciated!
  4. So you got the Dunlop volume x working with a TRS cable? i had mine working perfect with the EXP 2 jack but am finding similar problems when I try to use it with my EXP 1 jack (my amp channels only work on my EXP 2 jack as well, so I wanted to run the Dunlop Volume X in EXP 1!) just dont undertand why mine works perfect with a TS cable in EXP 2 but not EXP 1! My amp channel switching is the same - works in EXP 2 but not EXP 1!! i’ve never been so frustrated in my life!
  5. @phil_m it feels like the screws definitely hold the unit together. Things started getting loose as I was taking off the feet! How is everyone attaching their HX to their boards with the rubber feet still on it?
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