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  1. Sorry to Hijack your thread, but it seems similar issue happened to my CS6, I was in our studio which has limited power supply (Just 2 outlets with 16Amps each) while rerouting some cabling under the pedalboard (live), I accidentally unplug the main outlet and had the CS6 shut off and then boot, it couldn't power the whole board afterwards and showed the blue LED flashing where the 2 x 500mA were. I was only using the CS6 with the HX FX, a dunlop mini wah, a tc mini tuner, and a digitech drop. both 500mA outs were used for the HX FX and Drop, thus it seems it power was not enough, did boot it many times to see where the problem was and got it fixed by switching the drop pedal from the 500 to the 200mA outlet. I'll update if any problems show up again.
  2. Yeah Same thing, I just recently bought an HX stomp for home use and did similar method. Both units worked out well with this method
  3. Thanks Pablo, did what you said and saw that it would do as how it was set and then came back to the initial problem. Long story short I tried a different trs cable and it got cured, turns out my trs was shorting some contacts. Feel silly for not narrowing down the issue but luckily I used the software and saw how the pedal was communicating and tried other options. As for the swell you’ll need the volume block on, and set exp 1 or 2 to the output.
  4. Hi, I tried on a normal cable but same results. Would peak at 70% heel but back to minimun at 100% heal. I really think theres something wrong with calibrating this. I recall had same issue with an FX8 but cured it once in the pc editor as max and min could be set directly. I’ll try the hx edit if any luck to cure this.
  5. Hi All, First time to post here as I really couldn't find an answer to my issue. I'm using an HX Effects with a dunlop dvp4 mini volume and expression pedal. I connected a trs cable into the aux and pedal 1 of the HX effects to control my wah position or whammy mix position. I did the learn thing, and actually the expression pedal is controlling the right parameters. However, my issue is that the heel position is correct (always 0% on whatever is being controlled), but once i get to the maximum toe position, it goes back to 0% position or what the heel position was doing. I noticed that the peak is somewhere at 70% of toe position. to clarify please see below example. Example on Wah (position vs. sound heard): max heel = bassier sound of a wah 70% of toe = treble sound of a wah max toe (100%) = back to bassier sound of a wah Example on whammy (position vs. sound heard): max heel = 0%mix of whammy sound 70% of toe = 100%mix of whammy sound max toe (100%) = 0%mix of whammy sound Can someone please advise what to do on this issue, I just need a linear relation between heel to toe vs. 0% to 100% wah position, or 0% to 100% mix on some parameters. Thanks in advance!
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