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    Phones Mode does not work for me

    Thank you all who helped me.
  2. jikou

    Phones Mode does not work for me

    Works for me now, successful process was following: Plug-in jack 3,5 M line cable connector Invoke firmware settings by holding “Home” button Change “Phones Mode” option from Phones to Line Loadspeakers are unmuted.Firmware remembers this option but not this behavior. After combo is switched off and on, the whole procedure must be repeated, now with “Phones Mode” option from Line to Phones and back to Line. It seems to me that system must “sniff” jack plugged in the slot first to start desired action.
  3. As Spider V Firmware 1.05 Release Notes promises: "New Global setting: "Phones Mode" switches the headphone output between normal operation (Phone) and stereo line out (Line) for connecting to a mixer or audio interface without muting the speakers. In Line out mode, the headphone output is not affected by the position of the master volume, nor the presence of a cable inserted into the Phones jack. This is primarily for use on a Spider V that does not include XLR outputs."I upgraded firmware on my Spider V 60, but this does not work for me, mode "line" mutes speakers.
  4. jikou

    Saving Backup Presets

    I did the same mistake and lost 30A - "Dirty Street". My idea is that every owner of "Spider V 60" can browse this preset in "Spider Remote" app and post it me in the form of texts and figures (DST this or that with , gain 40 %, tone 55 % etc.). And I can do the same for every other user who lost preset I have. Is it possible ? If yes, would anybode give me that mercy ?
  5. jikou

    Saving Backup Presets

    After I saved 16 presets to "My Tone" it was full. Is there such a limit in "Spider Remote" ?