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  1. Thank you so much for the help! Using Datacomando's Instructions down below made it work instantly! Thanks again! "Ensure that you have HX Edit v.3.0 installed. Then remove the USB cable from your Helix and computer. Now, turn your Helix off and then on. Next ,reconnect the USB to the Helix and computer. Launch HX Edit 3.0 and see if it connects now."
  2. The helix updated to 3.01 successfully and does display the new screen. It's after this was all set and done I've rebooted my mac and Helix the following day to it not connecting to the mac anymore. "No Device Connected" in HX Edit.
  3. I've tried rebooting a bunch of times as well as a few different USB cables and using different usb ports as well yes.
  4. Thank you HonestOpinion and datacommando for both of your replies! I have already tried removing HX Edit and any other evidence of Line 6 being installed on the Mac. I have tried installing HX Edit 3.0 with all of the boxes checked but. The Helix Floor is still not recognized at all. "No Device Connected" Says the same thing when I tried it on My PC.
  5. Hello everyone, Bizzare issue here, I've just updated the firmware from version 2.8 to 3.01. After a reboot on my imac el capitain 10.11.6. HX Edit doesn't see my device at all. It doesn't show up in my device list. the helix floor has lost complete communication with my mac. I've tried uninstalling all of the drivers and reinstalling them as well as older drivers to no avail. I've tried a global reset hoping that it might reset the firmware, but the reset doesn't bring back the firmware to Version 1. I also have a PC that I tried troubleshooting from with no avail as well. P.S I did check all of my cables. Some help would be very much appreciated!!
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