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  1. I fully appreciate Line6's approach here which is actually component modeling - the kind of accuracy that L6 are getting with this approach is astounding to me and speaks to the work and effort that they've put in. Fractal utilizes a similar approach but I do believe L6's models are slightly more accurate. I'm wondering if Neural DSP is doing this or instead just capturing tone as a function of knob positions for their amp models via neural nets. This approach, to me, is not the approach I prefer as the underlying physics are not captured.
  2. Does anyone know what they're doing for amp models? a) Amp Models Are they physics-based component level models? (either from schematic or measured?) OR ARE THEY ... strictly neural net 'captures' of tone as a function of various amp knob positions (i.e. not physics based models) OR ARE THEY ... a combination of the above? (i.e. primary physics-based model with augmentation from neural net)? b) Captures / Profiles These I believe are just neural nets being trained
  3. 3.0....now 3.1....then 3.2 I know we're talking diverging paths here ... but I was hoping we could get some stuff like the new amp models (Princeton etc.), pedal models etc. I intentionally got the PG because my typical signal chain is pretty straightforward (no dual cabs / amps, poly stuff etc.) .... so I don't need all the processing power. However I always appreciate a super accurate model so would be nice if we got some new stuff too.
  4. I've been thinking of one with built in noise suppression (I prefer this versus Noise gate). I'm trying to figure out the differences between these - anyone know? Furman AC-215A Power Conditioner | Sweetwater Furman M-8x2 8 Outlet Power Conditioner | Sweetwater Furman SS-6B 6-outlet Pro Surge Suppressor Strip | Sweetwater
  5. BWAHAHAHA!! Much needed video and so much the truth. I sometimes wonder if folks have forgotten the tone controls or EQ block on their modeler - yes it can be that simple. You don't have to swap the entire modeler out.
  6. These are two of my favorite amps - both modern classics. The Fuchs is like a Dumble that can get more aggressive. Since these models are not available in the Helix world, I'd love to hear any suggestions on how I could create these amp model sounds by tweaking existing amp models. What are some good 'parent' models to start with for both amps? I tried the Litigator model for the Fuchs ODS sound but I'm not able to get the right tone and feel even with tweaks - any other suggestions?
  7. rosskoss

    Input Pad ... wow

    Folks it's got nothing to do with Input pad but the -6dB reduction. Whether that happens before or after the AD converter makes no difference to me. I've never used a gain block before and I prefer to run my guitar volume full and I learned about the input pad so I used it that way. In this configuration, I noticed that the input pad on had a very positive effect. Previously, even at very low amp drive volumes (on non-MV), everything was distorting way too early in my estimation compared to the actual amps (even accounting for different volume pot tapers). Now, it sounds and plays much better. Seriously, is this so hard to understand?
  8. I find it hard that anyone (Fractal, NDSP etc.) can improve significantly over this (using amp modeling....not profiles). We're talking diminishing returns at this point. Folks who wish to gear hunt will keep jumping around but I truly believe that there are limited incremental gains from this point on.
  9. I apologize guys - I'd forgotten that I'd started the other thread! Thank you so much for the answer. That's what it sounded like to me so good to get the confirmation. 6V6 amps are my favorite so was just curious so I was a little dissapointed that the 6V6 power section wasn't modeled ... but I found a new favorite in the meanwhile - the Victoria Electro King amp model (6v6) - Just wow!
  10. rosskoss

    Input Pad ... wow

    It is truly an amazing experience for sure...the Marshalls sound super authentic now (you'll have to do re-do all the dials and settings of course) but there is a 'headroom' and clarity that just wasn't there before especially with Humbuckers. Please note that if you're playing through Monitors / FRFR etc., the other solution might sound better because it's like a boost circuit is always on. But playing through an actual guitar amp, no contest - I honestly cannot distinguish the tone and feel from the real thing. The modeling is that good.
  11. Divided Duo Power Section - Helix - Line 6 Community
  12. rosskoss

    Input Pad ... wow

    ?? Is everything ok at work? (or is it school?)
  13. rosskoss

    Input Pad ... wow

    With the input pad off, I felt that many amps were overly distorted at very low volume/drive settings (esp. non-master volume amps). Of course part of the challenge here is that the modelled volume / drive / master volume knob tapers may not match that of the original pots on the physical amp. With the input pad on, the dynamics, sensitivity and tone are a lot more realistic. The best way I can describe it is that the input pad on seems closer to the real experience and with it off, it's like there's a permanent +6dB boost always engaged (which can be good or bad depending on guitar/signal chain). At this point, the only way to further reduce signal is post AD converter with a gain block. I was asking if anyone else had tried that and what the results were - good or bad
  14. rosskoss

    Input Pad ... wow

    Input pad on versus input pad off
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