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  1. Hmm well since it died I'll add a couple tid bits that will be new to most. I used to work for W.L. Gore & Assoc for 17 yrs, producers of Elixir Strings and my area was right next to where the strings were wound. They originally started using D'Addario strings which they spherically wound with Ptfe membrane and then cooked. They've since switched over to GHS Boomers, I would guess solely because of pricing/vendor deal? Process is still the same just different strings now.
  2. I'm fairly new to all this and just learning so I'm a bedroom player at best but here goes: Guitars - Epiphone Les Paul (modded) Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Pups, Roller Bridge, Tusq Nut, 50's Custom Pots Fernandez Dragonfly PRS SE245 Gretsch G7593t - BD White Falcon Gretsch G5420t (modded) BricksBiggsFix Squishy Spring for Bigsby Squier Telecaster (modded) Seymour Duncan Little 59 Tele Neck Pup, Five Two for Tele HB Bridge, Kluson Locking Tuners, Tusq Nut, CTF Pots and switches, Graph Tech String Savers Saddles, Graph Tech Teflon String Tree Schecter Gryphon ESP LTD Sn200 Ibanez JS1200CA Amps- Blackstar ID Core10 Roland Blues Cube Stage 60 Fender Mustang V2 - Sold waiting for pickup Pedals- Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer Boss GE-7 Equalizer Boss DM-2 Delay Boss DM2w Wazacraft Delay Boss BF-2 Flanger Boss Ch-1 Super Chorus Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Boss BCB-60 Pedalboard/Case Vox Time Machine Delay Pedal Vox Ice 9 Overdrive Vox Satchurator DigiTech Whammy 4 TC Electronics PolyTune 3 Helix Floor Accessories- Line 6 Wireless G10 Helix Floor Backpak Various Pig Hog cables
  3. I'm not up on this too much since I'm not an electrician but I know with computers at least, a power conditioner changes the wave type of incoming electric I believe to make it more palatable and safer for delicate electronics. You'd have to read up on sine waves etc. there is a difference. High dollar computer power supply backups (at least the good quality ones) had a built in power conditioner/surge protection and a limited amount of battery backup power, enough so your system wouldn't crash in the middle of a job giving you enough time to safely shutdown. They weren't really made for actually powering the computer for any extended period of time. I guess it depends on your budget? If it were for home use I'd go with the first one. If it was for home/club use I'd probably go with the last one. Unfortunately, they don't give you the specs for joules for any of them. Joules determines how much energy it absorbs before it fails which is also something to keep in mind. I wouldn't buy anything less than 2,000 joules for electronics components. The lower the joules of course the lower the price at the sacrifice of reaction time and lower energy absorption. A Sweetwater Rep. might be able to find that out for you if you call? I would also tell them to add the joules number in their spec descriptions and if they don't have them they should call the manufacturer to find out! That's about all I know. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  4. I had the same issue with my G10 as well and simply re-did the flash update and it worked fine after the second go round.
  5. Sounds as though the battery over-drained over the course of years. The charging cycles left are minimal so you have two choices, change the battery or get a new G10. I would try the first idea and see what happens. Looking at mine it appears to be a sealed unit so you may have to do some gluing(?), long term though I'd just buy another unit. I highly doubt Line 6 sells just the transmitters but you can always ask. They may even have another idea?
  6. Knife Fight: Saturday Night's Alright For Fightin?
  7. Apologies, I just found anther post concerning this.
  8. After losing a $3,000 computer back in 2004 I learned my lesson. A lightning bolt hit right outside my apartment window while I was at work one day blowing out ALL of my electronics including computer, TV, Stereo, Game Console, Microwave, fish tank lights and pump (saltwater reef tank). And left me with about 25-30 gallons of saltwater on my floor. After that hit, I've been saved at least 2x by surge protectors for my electronics. So just a heads up as I can't afford to replace my HX Floor after the next storm lol. You can chance it if you like but it's a cheap investment versus the replacement cost.
  9. I think Richie Castellano has a video about this on YT?
  10. I'm surprised Line 6 didn't include a regular USB port to load and save however/whatever the user likes from a simple thumb drive? Not a complaint, just a thought.
  11. I know to name them directly would likely infringe on Copyright Issues but I was wondering if anyone had figured out all of the specific song tones located in the User 2 folder yet. Some are obvious of course and others not so much?
  12. Thank you I assumed that's what it was all about, I was just wondering if someone had a list of them on hand ;).
  13. I know there are some specific song related tones in the User2 folder on my Helix but how do I find out what songs the others may correlate to? Ex. 20A $$$ For Nothin', 19D Senor Sandman. I'm completely new to Helix so thank you.
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