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  1. Let your ears decide... Take your head down to the local music store and "try" every cab they have using the proper load match. You may be surprised at what you discover... :D
  2. You could find a chorus pedal you like and just use the FX box to stick it where you want in the chain. Yea I know it kinda defeats the reasons you bought the HD, but it is an option. I enjoy the sounds of my Fulltone MDV-2 so much, thats what I do....
  3. Why is the Pod not good enough to power the Variax thru the digital cable? It works fine here.... I run my JTV without ever needing to pull the battery out because of this. Of course I never try to run it analog only because I prefer the no noise side of things in the studio...
  4. And you have ability to separate them. Grats... Now Don't you think Line 6 would be able to do this here as well? If you need to send in a ticket for repairs, of course that is a different issue, because they in turn need to send you back information on how to do this. But if we are discussing new features, how to do things, improve on what we know and wants and needs, this forum is the best place to read it. Of course this place is the best place to request new features and improve old ones. Wants and future desires for all to add input to. And a company that does not read what their buyers are saying about their product line wont last very long. Thats why I "know" Line 6 reads their own forums... And that is why they spent the time and trouble to update it recently too....
  5. You mean like... wait for it.... "here" ??? I understand where you are going, but OTOH what you suggest is that they rummage thru all the request tickets just to find the ones they need to send back RMA's for broken equipment? How productive is that tone man? See it works both ways. Use the forum. Its here. Its now... The users (us) all use it all the time to voice our concerns and list our wants and wishes... To me, not using this forum to improve your product line (just so you can in turn in another ticket), is borderline insanity... The information is all here. We read through it all the time. Toneman Im going out on a limb here, but Im guessing the Line 6 guys probably know English well enough and can sort topics just like we can and do. :P
  6. See that in itself is just plain "wrong headed" in my opinion... Why shouldn't Line 6 use the forums as a guide for what their users (and the people that pay their salaries) want in the product? Wisdom may not be in effect here, however I think that they do indeed look in without any ones knowledge. I sure hope thats the case, and I think (and that only matters to me) it would be a huge mistake on their part to ignore their own user forum. Plus, its "free" advice from their own user base, give or take away what you will.... Cant beat that price.... I refuse to "buy into" the idea or believe that they are that stupid... There are too many reasons on the plus side for them to use us "as needed". That propaganda (and thats what it was) i think was hatched here only to prevent our expectations of them having to take the time to answer direct questions from us in a timely fashion (even if I think thats also a good idea), as they may not always have the time or patience to deal with buttheads like me... B) . But, I can not believe for one second they don't look in once in a while.... Its ridiculous to think otherwise and bad business practice to boot.
  7. Back to the topic at hand- i too would like to see Line 6 "fix" a few things I still think are broken, even if there are some here that think its a feature and intended to be that way. Beating a long dead horse again, the dry out on the back of the HD-Pro, only works if you use their "digital" flagship guitar's input in old style analog input mode. No DA conversions to this output port because it was made to be a analog in to output port only. Yea, even with a new Tyler Variax hooked to it, this dry port wont work unless the input to it is analog. Really.... I tried for hours trying to get something out of this port signal wise, unable to believe that they did this... What blows me away is that Line 6 takes the time, money and trouble to create a flagship pre-amp to work with their flagship guitar, and then put a port on it the digital guitar connection cant use. Totally boggles the mind. Well, at least my mind (but then not everyone owns a Variax huh)... And so others say it was again, an intentional and a nice feature for use with an analog guitar. Cant argue with that logic at all either cause thats a valid answer. Right up there with with the possibility of using tube theory technics on the space shuttle... Oh Yes it could work (shakes head as to why you would even consider it)... But what ever you think it is, good or bad, the fact is the HD Pro's dry out port is currently a useless boat anchor using their own flagship guitar (Variax) in it's otherwise feature rich digital mode. I call it an oversight, and it needs fixing because I could use that dry output with my Variax feeding the preamp in its intended digital mode. Is this fixable via a firmware update? So far it has not been and Im afraid it cant be because of the hardware limitations on the current model. So now in retrospect I guess my gripe is really the "what were they thinking at the time" thing, and maybe it might help them to design a better one next time... At least that is my hope... Not that they need anyones input here or anywhere... But there is hope.... And so I expect that soon it will be fixed, via the HD-Pro version 2... ;)
  8. Yea but even then no one is perfect... ;)
  9. From a small studio type setup I think you will be much happier using powered monitors in the studio, and using the DT25/50 live on stage as your stage monitor. Not that big studios dont mic up amps/cabs, but most of us dont have "big" studios and just use a spare bedroom in out home. If you are like this (I am and most are) then the above is your ticket... But, if you are planning to use studio monitors for the HD500/Pro, then you also need a reason for these monitors ( other than just for a guitar preamp). Why? Because for one thing the good sounding ones usually are not cheap. And the word "studio" usually involves an audio interface, which ties in nicely with a pair of quality "neutral sounding" studio monitors. And the audio interface will tie in nicely with your host (Cubase, Sonar,DP8 etc etc) software for recording all those wonderful sounds your HD is known for. And even if you decide to get the DT25/50, once you start to record you will "still" need a good pair of studio monitors along with the other at some point. I have a DT25 AND DT50 sitting on top of two Marshall 1960a thousand dollar cabs, and I still use my Mackie HR824's in the studio for practice and recording. My 2 cents... And BTW, altho the Mackies can not approach the loudness of a cranked DT-50/cab, they however can get loud as hell in a small room/studio setting, so don't worry about that too much if your a basic one man studio kinda guy like most of us are.... Hope this helps.... :D
  10. "I thought the connection would be an XLR from my POD HD500 to the DT25 ? Wouldn't that give full control over the DT25 ?" You can change the models in the amp with the HD-500 too, just program them in the Pods patch. I say use the XLR jack as it was intended to be used. YMMV as always...
  11. You could just run your Variax into a Pod HD pro/500 using a Vdi cable and use the unit itself to power the guitar... No battery issues....
  12. You can also use two separate DT amps using Line 6 link (one feeds the other using a pass thru XLR cable), if you want both amp sounds to different amplifiers. Watch the you tube Line 6 videos for the demo on that.
  13. There go's the neighborhood into the archive bin.... I cant wait for the brotherhood to find out all the chalk has been cleaned off the underpasses.... ; )
  14. Id like to thank the academy ..... But I can't find them now... ; P
  15. Well thats one way to level the playing field.... ; P
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