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Community Answers

  1. I don't think that will cut it. The point was to remove or rename 'L6 Link' and 'Variax', which are trademarked names. Also, needs to be rotated so it can be printed on US letter size paper.
  2. If anyone knows how to actually perform this edit on the PDF, feel free. It behaves like one big graphic object in my editor. I was able to highlight and delete the Line 6 logo, but cannot isolate any of the other items.
  3. I have deleted the file from my post. I'm not able to figure out how to edit the remaining trademarks, so let's keep the lawyers happy.
  4. That's a fair point. I have removed the Line 6 logo. Updated, rotated drawing is attached. I will delete the earlier attachment. If there are remaining IP objections from Line 6 I will be glad to delete the entire PDF and call it a day.
  5. The original poster felt bullied by an individual who sells after-market accessories for Line6 products. Here's my rotated version that fits on US letter paper. The only folks with legal claim to this layout are Line6. If a Line6 representative wants this removed, just say the word. Otherwise, here 'tis. Update: Line 6 personnel have pointed out that this graphic contains a registered trademark. Please see below for an updated graphic.
  6. That is what ventolino claims. You can find that individual's name by looking over the preceding messages.
  7. No kidding! I bought a package of protectors from him and have been generally happy with them. Can someone clarify whether he actually markets a self-adhesive label similar to the one that ventolino designed?
  8. Unless this individual has a legitimate, legal claim (which I doubt is the case) you are being bullied. I will continue to make my rotated copy of the image available until and unless I receive some justification of a third-party claim against it. Very glad not to be a member of that FB group. I find FB at best to be just shy of useless as a forum.
  9. Pissed about... what, exactly? Please correct me if I have this wrong, but my impression is that this graphic was posted publicly with no restrictions on its use. Does the person on FB (no idea who it is, since I loathe FB groups) have a trademark or copyright claim on this layout? Seems to me that only Line 6 could legally have rights to control a likeness of the rear panel. What am I missing?
  10. Sure thing. I've attached it to this message. Helix V3 Sticker A4 Print_rot.pdf
  11. Yes, I eventually discovered that LibreOffice permits editing of vector based PDF and was able to accomplish this. It now fits US letter size perfectly. I'll have the local Staples store print it for me on adhesive stock.
  12. I wish you would release a diagonal image so I could print on US letter size stock. Cannot find a service in the US with A4 paper and it doesn't quite fit on letter when oriented vertically.
  13. The "we can tell you, but we'd have to kill you" BS is getting very old. There is one wire emerging from the pickups. That de-facto means that mechanical contact along the path to the nearest circuit ground (the little PCB on the trem block) is the ground scheme. You can claim trade secret, voodoo or anything else you'd like to, but that doesn't alter the laws of physics. Sorry to be testy, but this answer comes across as more condescending than usual and I'm tired of biting my tongue.
  14. That must be a new development. I had to drive 250 miles from Burlington, VT to Boston GC to find a stocking store.
  15. On a JTV-69 the saddles are grounded only by virtue of mechanical contact with the bridge piece and the bridge pieces are grounded only by virtue of the height-adjust screws and the intonation screw. At each juncture you have dissimilar metals, which is an invitation to electrolysis based corrosion. It's a bad design choice. And, by the way, Burlington, VT is "up" there adjacent to the Canadian border. It goes from Sahara Desert dry in mid-winter to steam bath in the summer - and everything in between.
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