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  1. alitz

    HX Stomp FAQ

    The VDI input on my Firehawk 1500 was one of the main reasons that I decided to purchase (for the second time) a Variax guitar. My first foray into Variax was before having any other Line 6 products and I decided to purchase one because if it was good enough for Steve Howe, it was good enough for me. But after coming to the realization that to have full control of the features, I really needed to get one of the Line 6 processors with VDI, I sold the guitar. Now, several years later, I come across the Firehawk 1500, after first going to the Amplifi 150. I decided that it would be nice again to have my entire guitar and amp collection in one, albeit big and heavy, rig. The 1500 gave me much more control on the amp of the parameters than the Amplifi and with the FBV3 controller, I could control it without lifting my hands from playing. I had read about also adding a Helix to the equation to get those extra HD sounds but It seemed a little crazy to pay $1500 for an effects processor that costs almost as much as the guitar and amp combined. Enter the Stomp, which at first, seemed a perfect addition until I noticed the lack of VDI. However, after a little more poking around, and several posts on these forums, I found that I could connect the Stomp into the FX loop of the Firehawk 1500 and not have to sacrifice the VDI input, the FBV3 footcontroller or the original Firehawk effects included on the amp. In addition, I could run amps and cabs from either processor, have many more options for running accoustic and bass, and also adds all the blocks available on the Firehawk beyond the 6 block limitation on the Stomp. It seems that the only sounds not available through this connection method are the 4cm setups on the Stomp that take advantage of chains that use that method specifically. So yes, the VDI connection does lead to more business for Line 6 for those of us affected by GAS regularly. Now I am just waiting for my Stomp to arrive after missing out on the first wave and I am also waiting for my Variax to be repaired since I bought it used (with swapped out Mags) and found out that the 5 way switch would not cycle through the models.(no Sitar(:!
  2. I was just wondering if you tried using the FBV3 footcontroller in your setup and if it gives you any control over the vol/wah while using the Stomp? I wonder if you could just use the FX from the Firehawk that use the pedal on the FBV3 and also use the FX from the stomp that don't use an expression pedal..
  3. Seems the L6 guys could have come up with this information pretty easily when I asked them directly but like I said, I had wondered when looking at the animated connection options on the Stomp page if this would be the best option for the Firehawk 1500. The guy from L6 who answered my question first, said that he did not personnally like stacking up preamps like this which is essentially what you get with the cab and amp models, but he never mentioned why. When you run the Stomp with the Amp and Cab models, do you disable these in the Firehawk chain?
  4. It seems that one thing is for certain. Having the Firehawk, Variax, FBV3 and Helix stomp will pose several interesting connection possibilities and possible results. Since the HX Stomp doesn't have a Variax input, I plan on using an external Variax power supply to avoid worrying about batteries and connect my Variax through a regular guitar input. And as Spikey just mentioned, I think you don't have to fuss with the Helix patches by using the mono output directly into the FX return on the Firehawk. I'm not sure what the FBV3 will do with the signals if you are using the HX stomp to bypass the Firehawk effects and presets. I would be really nice if you could set somehow get this setup to switch back and forth with the HX Stomp and Firehawk presets. Perhaps the easiest way of accomplishing this might be Kilrahi method of just hooking the Stomp into the FX loop of the Firehawk, but I'm afraid that will loose several options from the Stomp such as new Bass and Acoustic presets. I think the only presets that will work in the FX loop would be those designated FX but until I start hooking things up, I won't know. It would be nice if one of the Line 6 guys chimed in to answer some or all of these questions. Listening guys?
  5. Just thought I would throw this out there since the Helix HX Stomp is brand new and the Firehawk 1500 is oft mentioned as an FRFR option. I have the Firehawk 1500 and have the Helix Stomp on the way (hopefully) and I am still a little fuzzy about how to complete the connections from the Stomp which is a complete but slightly limited I/Os and the Firehawk, which has a myriad of I/Os which effect the amps speaker outputs. I have sent inquiries directly through L6 support tickets and I have some confirmation concerning these hookups, but I do not know exactly which I/Os to use on the new Helix Stomp to get the W/D/W response from the amp. I'm just looking for some clarification since everything published on this so far has not mentioned either the Stomp specifically or the Firehawk 1500 specifically. Below is the question I posed to L6 in the support ticket section and their response. Me: "Ok, simple question. I assume that since the Firehawk is a stereo amp and the Monitor inputs are L/R, that the 4 cable method would now be a 5 cable method with the Helix stomp L/R outputs in the back going to the L/R monitor in on the Firehawk and that the guitar would then go into the Mono input in and then out from the side panel send to the guitar input of the amp. Would this activate all the speakers on the Firehawk and give a W/D/W sound from the amp?" L6: " You are correct, you are free to utilize the stereo inputs on the back of the Firehawk making this a 5 cable method of sorts. You are also correct as running an input to these monitor ins will be a dry, unprocessed signal and will only take the modeling from the HX Stomp itself." As you can tell, informative, but not specific. Hopefully, I can get some input that will help anyone that happens to already own the Firehawk 1500 and is considering upgrading the preset capbility to that of the Helix via the aquistition of the Stomp. It would be really helpful if anyone could include the diagrams since those in the new Stomp manual do not mention the Firehawk 1500 connection option.
  6. alitz

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Pulled the trigger last night. Sold my tc-electronics nova today. Look forward to Helix sound at 3rd the size of the Nova. Hope I solve the connection puzzle of Firehawk 1500 with this thing as a Frfr.
  7. As far as I can tell, there is not really a way to avoid W/D/W unless you daisy chain everything and send it through the guitar input like a standard peddle board setup. I think this would activiate all the speakers but the signal would have to mono because you would have to eventually get to the mono guitar input of the amp. And if you try the 4CM or in this case 5CM because of the stereo inputs, you are going to get all the speakers active but the stereo coaxial speakers for the effects and get the center and horn for the dry guitar send from the modeler output. I am picking up one of the new Helix HX Stomp processors and I am waiting for a definitive reply from Line 6 on this very question. It seems that on the forums, the L6 guys have skirted around the answer but didn't come right out and say that this is the "best" way to do it, choosing to say that there are many ways to make the connection and that the best way would be in the hands of the particular user to find themselves. I truly wish that they would just come out with a set of diagrams specific to the Firehawk and say: "if you hook an external modeler up this way, you get this from the speakers. If you hook, it up this way, you get this... and so on." On you listening Line 6?
  8. Just thought I would reply for the OP on at least he Firehawk issue and the issue of needing to upgrade with a Helix family product to gain the Helix sounds for our already adequate Firehawk. Most of the posts on this issue revolve around a Helix centered amp on the platform of a Firehawk speaker system or using a Helix into an FRFR version of Firehawk. Many of these posts have mentioned lightening the load to half the 1500s like the Amplifi family but I think this might take this amp out of the stage amp realm since the 1500 watt rating of the Firehawk is a peak output rating and you probably need that much power for this amp to compete on stage since the wattage is split between the speaker array. I think the only way they could lighten the load in this amp would be to use lighter (i.e. more expensive) speakers and lighter (i.e. solid wood) in the cabinet. I really think that they should simply forego all or most of the legacy sounds in this amp since most of these have been upgraded with HD effects and replace them with HX effects and presets. If they did this, then we wouldn't have to purchase a new Helix product....wait .... I guess that's the point. As for Bluetooth in the Variax, I'm all for it but I think they will need to make it as an adapter that would plug into the Variax guitar VDI and use a seperate Bluetooth receiver that would plug into the guitar input like the G-10...wait...they have that already, just not with Bluetooth or VDI. They might need to just make the G-10 VDI compatible because the Bluetooth might interfere with the Bluetooth already in the 1500.
  9. alitz

    HX Stomp FAQ

    I also have the issue with the Variax input. I was wondering if part of this could be solved with the addition of the Line 6 Variax Cabled Power Kit 9V XPS AB Box to take away the need for batteries. I also wanted to be able to utilize both the Firehawk DSPs and those on the Helix Stomp. The Firehawk has Variax specific presets and the Stomp has more presets for Bass and Acoustics. The more I look at this the more confused I get. It shouldn't be this hard since all of these are relatively new and current L6 products so they should be compatible and be able to be used together. But the diagrams don't mention the Variax or the Firehawk as connection options. It seems very interesting to me that when you check out the promotion videos for the Stomp from Paul Hindmarsh and Andy Paredes, that they are using Yamaha guitars and when they are demonstrating the Helix floor or even the Firehawk, Hindmarsh uses a Variax. Another poster on these pages lamented that it seemed they were developing these products as "one hand not aware what the other was doing." As I said before, I asked these questions directly on the Line 6 help page and they told me that there was no "best" way to connect these products and that they were designed for experimentation to find the best way for the user. I guess I can understand why adding the Variax connection might cause a little too much heat due to the increased current draw in this very small and fully packed unit. I just think that Line 6 should at least address the current product line and compatibility with all current products in their manuals. It looks like they did try to make the manual for the Stomp somewhat more complete but it is still lacking in this respect.
  10. alitz

    HX Stomp FAQ

    I just recently bought a Variax myself because I figured that with all the soundscapes available from the Firehawk, I might as well go for the instrument that could use them all. And I agree that adding a Helix to the mix is definitely a bit of overkill. But with all these guys talking about using the Firehawk as an FRFR for their Helix (or Kemper, Fractal etc.) that it would be very cool to have all those Helix presets available on the Firehawk. And of course, the Mini Helix with all the sounds of the big brother and less than half the cost seemed like it was calling to me when I saw it in my email. I sent an inquiry directly to L6 asking for the definitive way to hookup and although the response was prompt, they essentially told me that there was no "Best way" and that the method would depend on what sounds that I was looking for. All I want is just a nice diagram showing both the Firehawk and Helix Stomp and all the possible connection methods. I didn't even consider the fact that the 4CM method would require hooking the guitar up through the guitar input and that this would not work with the Variax input. But I certainly want to take advantage of the Firehawk 1500s stereo speaker set up in all its wet goodness for effects. I actually thought of your idea of using the Helix stomp for just its FX presets but doesn't that become the Helix FX which by the way costs exactly the same as the stomp. Perhaps the FX is the route to go to get those Helix sounds. On the otherhand, don't the presets usually include both the effects and the amp settings? And wouldn't you be loosing the bass rigs that are in the Stomp. I have a bass that I know the Firehawk can handle, but there is only one bass guitar preset in the Firehawk so the addition of these sounds in the Helix was a reason it appealed to me. Essentially, the Helix Stomp should have the same I/O connectivity of the Helix. The forums suggest the question of Helix connectivity with the Firehawk 1500 is dependent on indvidual applications, but only one video on Facebook shows a connection method, and it is so confusing and convaluted with several I/O circled with chalk that I'll be dammed if I can understand what the guy is doing. Perhaps if someone at Line 6 would just diagram this, it would actually work but even though they did come up with those nice multi-colored diagrams showing the connection possibilities, none of those show the actual I/Os of the units. It would be great if the Helix Stomp manual would show all these diagrams in detail, but considering the lack of general information in the Firehawk's manual, I doubt it. (Digital Igloo, if you are monitoring your forum post, please address this, because their are several Helix and Firehawk owners that want to know the answer.)
  11. alitz

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Or not 4cm since several options have been discussed but I am still not sure what the best method is. Diagrams and specific instructions definitely needed here.
  12. alitz

    HX Stomp FAQ

    I just acquired a Firehawk 1500 and I am curious. Several threads on this forum speak about using a Helix to plug into the Firehawk and bypassing the DSP to turn the amp into a Helix FRFR. I assume that he connectivity issue of using Helix Stomp with the Firehawk would be the same as using the Helix and that the most likely way of hooking it up would be the 4CM(which I do not fully understand.) So is this right? I noticed on the product page that you show a diagram of the 4CM but do not show the specific connection points. Is this detail forthcoming in the product manual? I would love to jam along with my MP3s through the Firehawk 1500 with all the HD effects and amps from the Helix available at my feet.
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