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  1. waymda

    Helix FW 3.1?

    Hi I think the issue will be using 2 paths, each with the digital output from what you're describing. I've attached a working example - ignore how it sounds as I just chucked blocks in place to show how it works. I've split into to amp models on Path 1 for effects that run pre amp, and send them panned hard left and right to path 2 for effects post amp, then split off to the digital send before going to cab etc for XLRs. At the digital out each DT25 is set to a different topology, but importantly "remote" is set to preset, and "Select per preset enabled" - sounds like you have this bit sorted already. DT25s.hlx
  2. waymda

    Power Amp

    Hi can you please read the replies to your previous requests
  3. waymda

    Power Amp

    Hi - can you please read the replies to your previous requests https://line6.com/support/topic/58359-editor-layout/?tab=comments#comment-356002
  4. waymda

    Editor Layout

    Hi - can you please read the replies to your previous requests https://line6.com/support/topic/58359-editor-layout/?tab=comments#comment-356002
  5. waymda

    Editor Layout

    Hi - can you please read the responses to your previous requests
  6. Agree with Rd2k on using midi to make life easier. I used to manage a library of song patches in one bank and drag and drop to dated set list banks - managing it that way is doable but remembering to only tweak your base library is a disipline I was poor at. I now use Midi via an android device and Bandhelper as the app. Heaps easier.
  7. Do all and any updates prior to a paid session, and test thoroughly before the session. As to why your Helix is no longer talking to your Windows machine: Have there been any windows updates applied to your machine - Windows is great at knowcking out drivers during updates? Have you tried upating to the latest version of HX Edit and all drivers? Did you update HX Edit before updating the Helix firmware? Have you tried a different USB cable and/or USB output on your Windows machine? If all of the above have been done, try a factory reset
  8. waymda


    Can I ask why you put the topic/subject as JDub? Its not so helpful in knowing if there's anything of intrest in the post - spesh when you sign-off as JDub.
  9. I'm assuming you mean the hardware interface? I which case hook-up via USB and use HX Edit - pretty much the same as the Native interface, but controlling the hardware so no lag etc. Also, it means you can route computer audio through the Helix (via USB) to play along with (through your monitors)
  10. waymda

    Acoustic IR's

    Using a Variax I tend to have Accoustic IRs first, helping 'tune' the modelled accoustic, then using effects on it so they're affectng the whole accoustic model. Using your use case, the dfference would be accoustic sim then IRs. For what its worth I tend to use a mix of the IRs so theres a blend of original modelled tone, plus the IR affected.
  11. waymda

    Clipping Indicator

    Thanks rd2rk - much apreciated. I'd love to get an explanation of what's happening as it is a bit counter intuitive from my perspective - but I suspect that's a L6 engineering question. That said I am preferring reducing the defeat on the speaker models and leaving the digital output block at zero db ensuring over pushing the gain at the output block. Setting the models to -8 db (rather than -15) is providing sufficient signal (according to the indicator), balanced volume across presets, stopping 'popping' when swapping between speaker models and FRFR in a patch, and providing reasonable gain into my desk from the line out.
  12. waymda

    Clipping Indicator

    Seriously stop shouting - I can read and I understand completely what you're saying. It doesn't align with the testing I've done. Your caps don't add any clarity. It may not change the helix output - but it changes the behaviour of the clip indicator LED, and you completely shat on the suggestion that it had anything to do with changes to the powercab settings.
  13. waymda

    Clipping Indicator

    So its changing the Helix output? As far as I can tell this is a parameter within the PC+ that the Helix is controlling. I'm not asking to be difficult. I'd genuinely like to know as understanding this architecture is important to me as it hepls me calibrate my set-up and improve my workflow. Relevant pics below.
  14. waymda

    Clipping Indicator

    I've just retested it changing the setting for Speaker Level [1] for the PC+ using HX Edit and can easily push the light into the red by removing the amount of defeat for just that setting. No other changes. Boosting the Flat level of FRFR also changes the LED behaviour independent of any other settings Do those settings change the Helix Output level or the within Cab processing?
  15. waymda

    Clipping Indicator

    Agree, and it can depend onsettings in the PowerCab, such as the DB settings for speaker models. Finding a way of monitoring this without sitting on top of the PC+ was somethign I played with this weekend. In the end I took the analog send from the PC+ and calibrated the meters on my desk so I know when they hit the red so is the PC+. Took a bit of time to adjust the input trim to and understand the bits that impacted but should be worth it. As an observation, the XLR outputs direct from the Helix are a lot hotter than the L6 link to PC+ to XLR route even when the PC+ is peaking. I found myself bumping the speaker models from -15db to -8 db, and adjusting the desk trim from 0db to +8db. I'm pretty sure the FRFR setting was considerably hotter (but can't recall right now). Other peoples observations welcome.
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