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  1. waymda

    Setlist swaps?

    Interesting, my sense is its pretty much the same and thought I'd just got used to the paradigm and sorted my workflows (after many stuff-ups with my HD500x). @themetallikid I love the idea of a meta layer for performances so a library could be built and managed and then each performance set list being independent. If you could build the setlists offline even better. My compromise solution now is to change to the right patch using BT midi from an android device into the yamaha BT midi thingo using BandHelper (useful as I sing as well and my memory for lyrics can result in some very interesting versions).
  2. Do you plan on just posting this until you get an answer? Without any info about how you're monitoring when not using headphones you won'nt get one. Even with that info - you really need to consider what's different - what you're describing just sounds like different monitoring sources. The idea the output is fundementally different is a nonsense. I do hope this is a divorce!
  3. The work around you've described is it - set a custom tuning for each present. Unfortunately the Helix/Variax interaction doesn't operate as described in the manual, which is a return to standard tuning. Yes its painful, but as HonestOpinion says you know what tuning you'll get in each patch. If you build a template to bas your patches off make sure you include those settings and then you don't have to do it each time.
  4. waymda

    Octoverb downgrated?

    @datacommando - have you checked you're using the latest version of HXEdit - you should be on 3.p00
  5. I'm not sure if its mapped backwards, more should it be doing anything, if I read the models as being which input is being used? I've never used the fullerton before so thought I'll have a play. On the normal model - drive bright does nothing (0 normal drive + >0 bright gives 0 overall volume) On the jump model - both normal and bright drive contribute On the bright model - normal drive does something (bright set on 0 + 0 Normal seems louder than normal on 10) No idea if this is a flaw or modelling some channel crossover thing in the real amp - but your observation seems close to what;s happening
  6. I can confirm restoring globals does restore the variax setting as well. I used to only restore globals - though am now doing full factory reset and restoring all - and have only had one instance where just one set list lost the Variax changes that were linked to snapshots. Unfortunately I only noticed after relevelling the whole set - so that was a bit of a pain, but a on-off.
  7. waymda

    Helix FW 3.1?

    Hi I think the issue will be using 2 paths, each with the digital output from what you're describing. I've attached a working example - ignore how it sounds as I just chucked blocks in place to show how it works. I've split into to amp models on Path 1 for effects that run pre amp, and send them panned hard left and right to path 2 for effects post amp, then split off to the digital send before going to cab etc for XLRs. At the digital out each DT25 is set to a different topology, but importantly "remote" is set to preset, and "Select per preset enabled" - sounds like you have this bit sorted already. DT25s.hlx
  8. waymda

    Power Amp

    Hi can you please read the replies to your previous requests
  9. waymda

    Power Amp

    Hi - can you please read the replies to your previous requests https://line6.com/support/topic/58359-editor-layout/?tab=comments#comment-356002
  10. waymda

    Editor Layout

    Hi - can you please read the replies to your previous requests https://line6.com/support/topic/58359-editor-layout/?tab=comments#comment-356002
  11. waymda

    Editor Layout

    Hi - can you please read the responses to your previous requests
  12. Agree with Rd2k on using midi to make life easier. I used to manage a library of song patches in one bank and drag and drop to dated set list banks - managing it that way is doable but remembering to only tweak your base library is a disipline I was poor at. I now use Midi via an android device and Bandhelper as the app. Heaps easier.
  13. Do all and any updates prior to a paid session, and test thoroughly before the session. As to why your Helix is no longer talking to your Windows machine: Have there been any windows updates applied to your machine - Windows is great at knowcking out drivers during updates? Have you tried upating to the latest version of HX Edit and all drivers? Did you update HX Edit before updating the Helix firmware? Have you tried a different USB cable and/or USB output on your Windows machine? If all of the above have been done, try a factory reset
  14. waymda


    Can I ask why you put the topic/subject as JDub? Its not so helpful in knowing if there's anything of intrest in the post - spesh when you sign-off as JDub.
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