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  1. I've had the syths be a little 'glitchy' but OK, especially for the sort of sounds you're after. Variax Standards into Helix via VDI. I've used both a compressor and distortion as inputs into synth modules to even out the signal, and for the Cars sounds found the grittier input help get some of that sound. I also find the bridge pick-up of either the lp or strat models to be the effective. Getting a good synth sound has required a bit of mucking around with other effects and/or amps/cabs on/off to get them to sound decent.
  2. That configuration no - my monitors in stereo is fin for studio use. For stage I use 2 PC+, generally each with a different amp/cab combination and some stereo effects of varying width. I play in a 3 piece its largely reverbs and delays to provide a more expansive sound. FoH takes a send from the XLRs and can choose to run them as 2 mono sends if required.
  3. Hi I was going to say you can only use one device for input and output (like you have) and that you would need to be able to use your other USB devices explicitly as the output devices for Cubase to make this work. However a quick search suggests using ASIO4all as the driver will allow this. https://forums.steinberg.net/t/using-two-audio-devices-one-for-input-one-for-output/642426/4 I'd much prefer to stick with OEM drivers, but that won't work in this use case. Good luck
  4. As per rd2rk's Q - I read your question as: Can a Snapshot change the assignment of effect bypass to swtiches so that as you change Snapshots different effects appear in the Stomp row for manual use? Is that right? If I've read the question right, then not that I'm aware of.
  5. If you search Beatles in customtone there's a bunch of pacthes you could use as a starting point. https://line6.com/customtone/search/?submitted=1&family=helix&search_term=beatles
  6. As well as reading the manual 2 suggestions: try to reset your expectations to hearing a recorded amp sound - that's effectively what Helix is providing effects etc and a mic'd up amp like in a studio and represents a real leap for lots of guitarists Check out someone like Jason Sadites on youtube with his creating a great tone https://www.youtube.com/c/JasonSadites
  7. I use a very small number of favourites as I prefer to swap in different things to try at their default and tweak as necessary. Whilst I still have a number of go to effects ams etc, it stops me always using one sound. My true 'favourites' that I use in pretty much every patch are the horizon gate first and rochester comp last with some default starting settings, and they're on my primary template.
  8. waymda

    HX Stomp FRFR

    I can't provide a comparison between the units mentioned. I use 2xPC+ for full end-to-end integration, and like the sound. I have preiously used wedges which my band, and I, found a bit to 'clinical' or hi-fi. FRFR is a marketing term describing a class of product, it will not tell you how they sound and they all colour the sound in some way.
  9. What do you mean? You plug in the bass and then use the models you want to create a patch - not sure what else there is to know.
  10. I've used 11" and 15" laptop screens that worked fine - they have touch finctionality but I don't use it - seems way too hard for me, but I'm a long term mouser Definately a mouse - but thats just normal ergenomics for me Desktop I use a souped up desktop with a 34" screen split so HX edit is on one 'side of it' Screen real estate will depend on resolution available as much as screen size and what works for you wil be different than for others Basic CPU/Memory requirements don't seem to be available anywhere but I'd suggest any modern PC/Laptop will cope - one of the laptops I use is at least 5 years old Not sure why you would buy a computer just for HXedit
  11. waymda

    Stereo power amp

    The only one I've found that looks suitable is the Powerstage 700. Suggests you have some criteria/requirements - you might want to share those if you want sensible input.
  12. Have you installed HXEdit? It installs drivers at the same time. https://line6.com/software/
  13. I have found that my Telecasters and Stratocasters does not have the same outputlevel. Indeed - this has always been the case This is a problem for the tone of my presets, and mostly for my auto filter presets. Precisely - if you use those guitars with hardware effects and amps the tone will change - this is part of why people use different guitars as the input gain changes the tone and response of the amp (along with other factors such as the impedence of the guitars signal etc). Is there a way to store different input gain (global) presets for each of my guitars? No Or will I have to make a seperat preset backup for each Guitar? No - put a switchable gain block at the start of each patch and use it for the different guitars - you could use it to either boost the signal of the 'weaker' guitar or defeat the signal of the hotter one. Oncce you know the setting you need, save the block as a favourite doe reuse in every patch you need it. If oyu only ever use a patch for one guitar, dont bother.
  14. Hi I got a message on import about not having the IRs (to be expected). Path 1 IR shows slot 15 Path 2a shows slot 5 Path 2b shows slot 6 Edit - Sorry the Path 1 IR was on 44 for the Verse snap - I changed it to 16, saved whilst in that snap, went back to the Intro snap and saved again, changed patch, came back and the IR change had stuck with 16 for verse. Changed - I'll Be There.hlx
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