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  1. The only way I've achieved this is to export the patches into a folder and re-import as the OS (Win10 for me) will sort them by name. However that requires doing every-time you add patches, and I've stopped doing it since using midi to select patches as midi requires them to remain in the same slot as it references slot not name.
  2. waymda

    Power Cabs?

    Until recently four piece. Similar sized venues - pubs (australia, prbly bars US). Currently 3 piece and considerably louder. Material ranging from Johnny Cash through Foo Fighters, Blink, Killers etc. Massive range of material with my role being lead guit and some vox with acoustic drums, loud bass, and the other guitarist singer using valve amps. Using sounds from acoustic thorough big triple coil pick-ups and rectifier type grunt. I used to run 2 valve amps, a JC120 and a pedal board and was constantly told to turn down with any volume that gave me the tone/feel I wanted. The other guitarist in particular would complain about how loud I was. I now balance my volume to venue and event with no issues. In setting up patches and the PC+s I have made sure that the patches are optimised for stage volume, and that the signal hitting the PC+ is hot, constantly green (in the LED) and occasionally getting orange/redish for lead boosts - recognising they are single notes not chords so not so concerned. However, I'm not interested in replicating my old valve amp need to blow my ears (or pants) off to sound good/have sufficient feel to play well and am happy with a very big, very loud tone, that more than covers bass and drums on stages that only offer vox to PA. If we're lucky I'll need to add come kick to a sub and some guit to upper end cabs for stereo separation. No, its not like a valve rig in terms of moving air, but it can still make my bell bottoms flap, and frankly the whole hairy chested need to be painfully loud because 'that what it takes' just ain't doing it for me any more. I must be getting old (see reference to bell bottoms, that I never wore). :) I'm not here to convince anyone of the merits or otherwise of the powercab units, just offering an alternate, working musician, perspective. I would only go back to valve amps and a pedal board to do a very limited range of material where I need to have 'my sound' - and having written that I'd have to challenge if that's true as I know with a Helix and a pair of PC+ I could easily emulate my old back line with the speaker modelling and amps in the box, AND have nearly infinite pedal board layouts driving the front end (how I always liked effects). Mr Castellano says he's running his PC+ 85 to 90% on stage in this clip. I think that'd be getting me sacked or melting my ears (maybe both).
  3. waymda

    Power Cabs?

    I don't understand the post about PC+s not cutting it live - Ive done gigs with one or 2 in stereo and have never run them over half - and the tones are great direct from helix with stock cabs and FRFR mode. Horses for courses I suspect.
  4. I use a X18 (not rack) for home and stage. My use-case is different variax>>Helix>>X18>> DAW So I have to get the Helix out of the back pack and monitor direct from the X18, but I've had the DAW monitoring by accident and the latency was minor.
  5. Powercab (or better yet PC+) - tried many solutions and this just works. I use 2 in stereo but if the 212 had've been around I would have got that.
  6. Ahh yes - you fully downloaded the wav file. Its an Impulse that is used to shape the tone of the Variax acoustic. It was in slot 3, but I believe the current firmware makes that irrelevant as the patch will 'find' the impulse no matter where its loaded.
  7. Give this a shot - swaps to a couple of electric sounds too. 003 Gibs Bird Soundh.wavThrow Your Arms.hlx
  8. Agree completely with GunPM - the Xair will give you full separations for all the drum tracks - each mic recorded separately - which is invaluable when mixing down. I recently got an XAir and have been using it as the interface instead of the Helix - with the Helix coming in through XLRs. It was just easier once the XAir was set-up with my computer and DAW, and knowing I can use the Helix as via USB should I need to.
  9. Reading your post again, you don't seem to be using an amp block noise gate >> distortion >>> amp >>> impulse >>> digital out If that's missing then you're hearing a DI guitar through a distortion pedal and a modeled mic'd up speaker - that'd sound pretty lollipop (IMHO) Impulses are only the tonal shape and response of a mic'd speaker - not an amp
  10. Can you please upload your patch - I don't have a shruiken, but do run a variax >> Helix >> PC+
  11. can you provide a link to the custom tone preset so I can have a look?
  12. If you can answer first version - I'd love to know how to keep the display always showing the % position of Exp X (where is is the active Exp)
  13. Have you considered the mic-pre, or any of the amps pre's only with comp and reverb after? And or a mix of the above and any of the sounds you've used to create the right 'layers' as per rv roberts?
  14. Not sure what this is "-Change Global settings USB in 1/2 Destination to multi or 1/4 (also does not help), or lower usb in 1/2 trim by 0.3db" However, I've had issues where Windows is wanting to share the USB between feeding the Helix, and recording from it. I changed the output block to USB sends other than 1/2 and the DAW to the right USB sends and it fixed it. Seemed to be a channel contention issue (rather than USB port issue) Bit of a PITA when picking up patches you use for other purposes, but not a huge biggy (for me anyway)
  15. waymda

    PC+ with DT 25

    I have 2 DT25s and 2 PC+. I am looking to sell the DT25s as I use the PC+ exclusively, using the speaker emulations for on stage via Link, and sending full mic'd up cab models direct from the Helix for FoH if required. I found it much more fiddly to get the DT25s balanced across patches, and they are a shedload heavier - so convenience wins for me. Assuming you're using a Helix as you don't mentioned that. See the attached template for a basis of this approach 2 Amps 2 PC+.hlx
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