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  1. Yes! I do have the stereo Wet Reverb. Thanks so much, gonna try it out this weekend once the HX arrives.
  2. My chain is: Buffer- comp - King of Tone - Semaphore Trem - M5 - El Cap - HX Stomp - Wet reverb - AMP I want to run it just like that to my amp, but have an amp model going out to FOH to run stereo. I just don't want to lose the Wet reverb in that chain. Thanks Kilrahi
  3. I recently ordered the HX Stomp and REALLY hope I can use it the way I'm hoping to. So please someone tell me if this is possible. The HX Stomp is going to replace my DD500 - so in my case drives are before and mod/reverb is after. In a live situation I want to run my amp as usual, and then an amp model from the HX to run stereo. Is there a trick to configure it this way? I read where I can create a second "path" and the output would be the FX out I think, but I still would like to have my mod/reverbs (which are after the HX) on my board going to both amp and hx amp signal. So basically I want the same signal going to both my amp and direct, while using the the effects on the HX for mostly delays.
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