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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I have been using my old ux-1 to record with my windows notebook using Reason software but recently have been checking out apple garageband v10.1.3 and wanted to try recording my guitar using the ux-1 but with no luck. I have successfully downloaded and installed line6 monkey and gearbox (not sure I need it?) onto my macbook, and the monkey says my ux1 is all updated, but I still cannot get any sound with garageband, whether or not I turn on gearbox. My guitar is plugged into the ux1 and I am listening with headphones in the phones jack on the ux1 and I have selected in garageband preferences>audio the ux1 as both input and output and all other possible combinations yet cannot get any sound when I play the guitar. I also cannot get any sound just using the gearbox with my macbook. Garageband is not launched, but the gearbox is, and the ux1 is plugged in, but I cannot hear myself play guitar, again using headphones. This works with my windows notebook. Any ideas?
  2. Hey folks. I just purchased a used UX-1 off of Unfortunately, the seller didn't provide me with any software or drivers. I downloaded everything I apparently need from the Line 6 site, but POD Farm will not open properly and I get a mysterious error message when I attempt to run it (see attached image.) I'm hoping it's a simple matter of downloading a missing file or some such, and not something more serious, like a PC issue. That'd be just my luck. I hope someone has some wisdom to offer. Thanks!
  3. I have been running Reaper with PodFarm via standalone mode for quite a while now with no problems. now for some unknown reason, i cant hear reaper playback at the same time as podfarm playback via the analogue outs on ux-1... neither can i monitor podfarm standalone via analogue outs on ux-1 (neither can i get a signal from podfarm in reaper as a plugin vst) the headphones input from ux-1 still lets you hear both though. ((?????)) my monitors are ok all leads ok monkey , licence, podfarm all updated. still i cannot monitor from analoge outs from ux-1....!!!!??? what is wrong!!!!! This ux1 and reaper worked flawlessly just a few days ago. i havent authorized windows crappy 10 yet either!!!! fed up
  4. The product is the Line 6 UX-1 audio interface; I could not find a menu to register that product. the serial number (I'm assuming SN is that) is (21) [serial removed]. ASIO driver (Windows 7) won't write the audio that I hear through POD Farm. I also tested my amp and get a lot of background static with the 15 watt Line 6 Spyder IV amp. So far my experiments to troubleshoot involved researching how to get Audacity to write audio, That would require using a recompiled version of Audacity for ASIO driver support. That is the crux of what I need help with, I can use POD tones entirely if the amp is just staticky or needs maintenance first. I've gotten the audio waveforms in Reaper and Sonar 8, so I know that it can detect the input. It simply won't write to disk. This might be asking a bit much, but I'd also like support to get my keyboard working sicne that encountered driver issues as well. I've included all information in my Support Profile for OS, drivers, etc. Thank you in advance, after I get the drivers working everything should go smoothly! Love Line 6 guitar tones!
  5. Hello i've been using podfarm 2.5 almost as long as i have been playing guitar, through my UX-1, but my ux-1 is slowly on its way out (not working all the time) and i've gotten a bigger interface for my band that we use when we record our stuff. I've already bought some add on packs. I was wondering if there are any discounts for the hardware independent version of podfarm 2.5 standard, sense i've already spent the money on the original ux-1 interface and have spent money on the add ons to it. I would rather not have to find something else and loses everything i've invested in podfarm once the ux-1 dies, plus it would be nice to free up a USB port and not have to have 2 interfaces plugged in (one for the original license and the other for recording 5 people).
  6. I want to purchase the Pod HD desktop, I had a question about whether or not I can still use my Line 6 UX-1? ( I am using a Mac with 10.7 ) Also with the Pod HD will I still be able to use my Amplitube 3 Plug Ins? I noticed when I tune on my Riifworks software that the Amplitube Automatically opens, by installing the new POD HD drivers and defaulting to the device will that stop? I would appreciated any answers! Thanks, Rob :)
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