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  1. i still cant get line 6 ux-1 to work as standalone app or vst in reaper, or monitor ux-1 via its analogue outs. headphones work though. everything is up to date. bizarre im not on windows 10 either
  2. yeah cheers. doubt its a hardware issue, seeing as other audio can be monitored via ux1 analogue outs. likely just some background windows updates causing the usual problems and podfarm drivers needing fixed. hopefully something will shed light on this thanks
  3. seriously? yes of course. youtube works through ux1 via analogue out too .............. just actual ux1/podfarm doesnt
  4. I have been running Reaper with PodFarm via standalone mode for quite a while now with no problems. now for some unknown reason, i cant hear reaper playback at the same time as podfarm playback via the analogue outs on ux-1... neither can i monitor podfarm standalone via analogue outs on ux-1 (neither can i get a signal from podfarm in reaper as a plugin vst) the headphones input from ux-1 still lets you hear both though. ((?????)) my monitors are ok all leads ok monkey , licence, podfarm all updated. still i cannot monitor from analoge outs from ux-1....!!!!??? what is wrong!!!!! This ux1 and reaper worked flawlessly just a few days ago. i havent authorized windows crappy 10 yet either!!!! fed up
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