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  1. Anyone think we should get those amps and cabs that the Helix just got in the 3.50 Update? I would lOve the Moon Amps and Distortion so I can get those famous Doom SOunds!
  2. Would love to know if there is going to be any Doom Amps Like Laney to be added to Pod Go also some Fuzz Pedals that are more Modern for Doom Music
  3. Does anyone know if there will be a carry Case available for the Pod Go Unit? I just got mine last week and would like a case for it instead of using the Box it came in? Thanks! Rober \m/
  4. Just got an update my POD GO is on it's way!! looking forward to it!! 

  5. Any suggestions on how I can get a BIG sound with my POD HD desktop 2 amps? Mixer settings? Chorus effects? etc.... Thanks!
  6. Has anyone here upgraded their Mac OSX system to "Maverick" yet ? and is it compatible with POD HD?
  7. Can anyone tell me if the Line 6 PODXT Gig Bag (Heavy Duty Padded Bag) will fit the POD HD Bean ( Black one)? some people say its too small
  8. Quick question? I already own the UX-1 and Have Monkey on my Mac 10.7 OSX I just ordered the Desktop unit and Im waiting for it to be delivered. So when I open the box up Do I plug the Desktop unit in first or do I download the drivers etc first before connecting the USB for the desktop? Another words if I plug in the unit the Mac should recognize it as a new device and automatically download all the drivers? I'm not clear on this and want to try to do everything correctly. Thanks, Rob
  9. Thanks for Answering I want to stay with the desktop due to room size constraints , plus I want to be able to use the HD Edit ( i think the POD has to be connected to use the Edit screens )
  10. Was wondering if you can use 2 interfaces on the same computer ( but not at the same time) I'm thinking of buying the POD HD Desktop, but it doesnt have the 2 inputs like my UX-1 has for my Keyboards So even if I add the POD HD and disconnect it I want to be able to connect the UX-1 and add keys in my recordings. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob
  11. Thanks for answering my question , The HD edit program uses very little RAM correct? Once I connect the POD HD Desktop I just need to download drivers and then download the HD Edit/Library right? Thanks again!
  12. I want to purchase the Pod HD desktop, I had a question about whether or not I can still use my Line 6 UX-1? ( I am using a Mac with 10.7 ) Also with the Pod HD will I still be able to use my Amplitube 3 Plug Ins? I noticed when I tune on my Riifworks software that the Amplitube Automatically opens, by installing the new POD HD drivers and defaulting to the device will that stop? I would appreciated any answers! Thanks, Rob :)
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