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  1. Hi, I have been using my old ux-1 to record with my windows notebook using Reason software but recently have been checking out apple garageband v10.1.3 and wanted to try recording my guitar using the ux-1 but with no luck. I have successfully downloaded and installed line6 monkey and gearbox (not sure I need it?) onto my macbook, and the monkey says my ux1 is all updated, but I still cannot get any sound with garageband, whether or not I turn on gearbox. My guitar is plugged into the ux1 and I am listening with headphones in the phones jack on the ux1 and I have selected in garageband preferences>audio the ux1 as both input and output and all other possible combinations yet cannot get any sound when I play the guitar. I also cannot get any sound just using the gearbox with my macbook. Garageband is not launched, but the gearbox is, and the ux1 is plugged in, but I cannot hear myself play guitar, again using headphones. This works with my windows notebook. Any ideas?
  2. How to make gearbox work now that it is installed on macbook running osx? How to get my ux-1 to play guitar through garageband? Thanks to Manchatz2 I have my gearbox installed on my macbook running OSX El Capital v10.11. My problem is that I am trying to use my line6 UX-1 as a guitar interface to garageband 10.1.3 on my macbook and it won't work. I have used it successfully with my windows 8 notebook running Reason software but I find garageband very appealing (finally a great-sounding drumset that's easy to use!) so I want to try to record my guitar using gb and my ux-1. Firstly I should say that just starting gearbox and plugging my guitar into the ux-1, I should be able to hear myself play using my headphones plugged directly into the ux-1 like I am able to do with my windows notebook but it does not work on my macbook, so maybe that is part of the problem. I have the latest drivers from line6 installed (newest is from 2016, the 7.6.5) and my monkey says everything is now up to date. When I set up the gearbox and ux-1 and open garageband, I go into preferences>audio and select ux1 as the input and output. And I have tried all variations to this selection as well, but i never get any guitar sound. Does anyone have any ideas for either problem?
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