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  1. I just received my Helix, I haven't unboxed it yet. Does anyone have recommendations for running acoustic guitar and vocals at the same time? Also, is there a way to separate the 2 signals going out, so I can adjust the volumes individually with my mixer? Thank you,
  2. I am running my iphone thru the usb and it sounds great, but after 10 minutes it just throws out a high pitch tone and nothing else. Ant ideas? 240 HC locks up and goes to feedback tone when playing backing track on iphone.
  3. Can you tell me if I have to save my new sounds over the presets or is there a place where I can save them to build banks for songs with multiple changes? Thanks
  4. I just purchased the V 240 and I want to save some custom sounds. My Ax2 had user presets where I could save my sounds and build banks for songs with multiple changes. The.one sound I saved on the spider just overwritten the factory one. Is there a place to save your sounds or do you have to save over the prests?
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