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  1. Thank you very much. The link in the first response showed me what I need. A simple answer I just couldn't find it.
  2. I am trying to record using some of the awesome Helix panning effects in Garageband.I am using Helix as the recording interface but Garageband defaults to mono. Does anyone know to get Garageband to record stereo direct from Helix? Thank you,
  3. I just received my Helix, I haven't unboxed it yet. Does anyone have recommendations for running acoustic guitar and vocals at the same time? Also, is there a way to separate the 2 signals going out, so I can adjust the volumes individually with my mixer? Thank you,
  4. I am running my iphone thru the usb and it sounds great, but after 10 minutes it just throws out a high pitch tone and nothing else. Ant ideas? 240 HC locks up and goes to feedback tone when playing backing track on iphone.
  5. Can you tell me if I have to save my new sounds over the presets or is there a place where I can save them to build banks for songs with multiple changes? Thanks
  6. I just purchased the V 240 and I want to save some custom sounds. My Ax2 had user presets where I could save my sounds and build banks for songs with multiple changes. sound I saved on the spider just overwritten the factory one. Is there a place to save your sounds or do you have to save over the prests?
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