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  1. I have the same issue. Intermittent and it always goes away on reset. Interesting that LineFever mentioned it happens more often when external pedals are connected as I usually have an EHX POG2 In loop 1. I’ll be looking out for that in the future.
  2. Looks like I'm having the same issue with my Helix LT. This explanation makes sense to me and fits what I experience on the unit. The built in Exp pedal works fine after turn on. I can track values form 0% to 100% on any parameter assigned. After a while (and now I'm thinking after I have pushed the toe switch a couple of times) the Exp value only gets up to 97% / 98% or so. Power cycling the Helix LT fixes this. I think we need an option to turn the auto calibrate off and just perform a manual cal :wacko:
  3. Seems like quite a few folk have this same issue.(Including me) First, find yourself some dry lube. I used dry bike chain lube as it wont attract as much dirt and shouldn't eat any plastic or rubber washers. (don't use WD 40 and better if you don't use a spray lube as it's difficult to control what gets lubed)) Loosen off the tension bolt for the Exp pedal JUST A LITTLE!! (adjusted by the hex bolt on the side of the LT) If you go too far then the bolt internal to the LT will drop off the end of the spindle and you will end up having to open the whole thing up. Using a cocktail stick or similar run the lube down the stick and onto the edge of the pedal just above where it rocks or as close to the spindle as you can get. Do one side at a time and work the lube in by rocking the pedal back and forwards (up and down?) a few times. Usually this should do the job. If not then you will have to unbolt the sides and then screw off the bottom plate of the LT to gain access to the parts of the pedal that are causing the squeak.
  4. OK so I've read a couple of posts about people recording HELIX output using the CCK and an iPad or iPhone. Tried this myself last night and ran into a bit of a snag. iPhone 6s running iOS 10.3.3. connected to HELIX LT 2.21 monitoring thru headphones connected to the helix headphone OP. Opening Garage band on the iPhone with a backing track on track 1. Added a 2nd track and select input 1 + 2 as the input. On the HELIX I can hear both the backing track and the 'live guitar' I get no signal level from the HEMIX on track 2. This is confirmed when I record and there is just a blank region. Oddly I can record into other apps, twisted wave audio editor , loopy and AUM see a reasonable level on the input monitor and I can record and play back no problem. So I'm pretty sure everything is setup physically OK. I tried changing the sample rate of the HELIX to 44.1 as well but made no difference. I managed to get a little tiny signal into Garage band by pushing the HELIX through AUM and then feeding the output of AUM into the track but the level was miniscule. What Gives? Is there a setting GB that I missed? Never had any issue recording into GarageBand using the Roland Duo EX.
  5. Managed to get the LT opened up last night. As I had expected you need to take the side panels off and there are a couple of little sneaky screws on the back to remember as well. Interestingly the shaft that the pedal rocks on is a little loose in its housing. This isn't something that you can fix just the way it's been designed. This explains why the pedal felt a little off to me when playing. When you start to rock the pedal in either direction the first thing that happens is that the shaft climbs up the side of the radius of the housing as travel continues it then slips back to the bottom. This is what was giving the sensation of excess play in the pedal. A little disappointing that the tolerances weren't a bit tighter to give a more positive feel but I think it will be something I can get used to.
  6. I see there are "official" instructions for opening up the back of the Helix but nothing for the LT. Anyone been adventurous enough to open the LT? The Exp pedal on mine squeaks like a mouse in a trap and even with the bolt loosened off there is still a lot of uneven friction when sweeping it. I'm guessing that the LT construction is significantly different, looks like the side panels are probably being used to secure the base plate in addition to the screws on the bottom for added structural integrity so it's not going to be quite as easy. Cheers Robin
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