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  1. I am super new to this, so please bear with me. I just got the Spider V60 and connected it to my MacBook Pro running Catalina 10.15.7 via usb cable. The mac recognizes it and so does Garageband. I set the input preferences to it and when i pluck a string initially, there is some delay but I can hear the tone of the string. So it seems to be connected properly and working, idk. Then I hit record and start playing (just random notes to confrm I am recording) and I get this (hear attached mp3). That's about all I know. How do I get it to record guitar sounds? I looked at the FAQs and Forums and did the basic checks reccomended, but still R2D2. Any help would be great, thank you. UPDATE: No more guitar souds ever. Just R2D2. I changed cables, checked drivers. unplugged everything else. rsd2.mp3
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