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  1. Hi, Is there a way to use a real amp head in the signal flow of a HX stomp such that the cabinet is emulated by the HX and the real amp make no noise other than in my headset ? I live in an appartement in NYC and I can only play with headphones. So I was wondering if I could send the signal to a JCM 800 (main input from hx fx send and jcm cabinet output to hx fx return. Is there a risk of blowing up the Hx ?
  2. Hi, Thanks for the explanation. The question is then how do you tell GB to output on the USB 5&6 so the Stomp can process the signal ? So far I am only able to output GB on 1-2 ? thank you Pat.
  3. Hello, I am trying to re-amp a dry signal recorded on GarageBand with the HX Stomp. I understand that Garageband output and input must be set to HX stomp, the dry signal send to output HX Stomp via USB 5-6 and the re-amp will be recorded on HX Stomp USB channel 1-2. I set all that. I have also changed the input of the HX flow to USB 5-6 as per explained in the manual (circle before the first block on the stomp itself) Here is my issue, the sound comes from GB (I can hear the dry guitar in the headset plugged into the HX stomp - only the usb is hooked to GB) but it doesn't sound like the signal is passed to the effects chain (no parallel split in my chain). Nothing is getting back to GB and again the sound in the headset is the dry sound. I found several videos explaining the output of the dry should be set to USB 5-6 but GB doesn't let you select that (I can only select HX stomp). Is there a way to do it? Any idea what could be set improperly ? Has anyone had any luck reamping with Garageband and HX stomp ? Thanks for your help Pat.
  4. Hello all, Does anyone know if there is a MIDI CC code to mimic a push on view button of the HX stomp ? Thanks
  5. Hello all, I am trying to use the Ernie Ball 250k VP as an expression pedal for the HX stomp. I found many blogs explaining how to reverse the polarity, use the output and a regular TS cable etc.. It works excepted that the very end of the throw (toe position) suddenly switch back to 0 when the pedal is fully pressed. Then I have to go back to the full heel position to reactivate it. It looks like the potentiometer acts as a switch at the very end. Does anyone has a fix for this ? Maybe wiring the potentiometer differently ? Thanks for your help and happy playing. p.
  6. dethioux

    Ernie Ball

    I have a 6180. When I am at full toe down, the volume goes back to 0. I inverted the polarity so the 100 is no longer in the middle but I still can figure out how to fix the full toe down problem. Slightly before full toe down I am at 100. Do you have the same issue ?
  7. Hello i have the same issue (100 near the toe position but 0 at the toe ) . Does anyone has a fix ? I did change polarity which helped (100 was in the middle) but still get 0 at full toe. So far the only thing that works is to put a piece of cork to prevent the pedal to get all the way down. Is there a more elegant solution ?
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