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Need help Understanding the .hls file format.


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I am working on a MIDI controller with LED displays and I would like to use a backup file (format .hls) to retrieve the name and footswitch default status (i.e. what FS is on/off for each snapshot when I go to the preset or change snapshot etc). Since I don't change my setlist that frequently I am not trying to read directly from the unit but instead hard code the names and behaviors based on the .hls. 

I use a JSON parser to decode the .hls file and see there is a section called footswitch 

Here is an example (see full file in attachment) 


'footswitch': {'dsp0': {'block0': {'@fs_enabled': True,

                                                          '@fs_index': 5,

                                                          '@fs_label': 'Volume '


                                                          '@fs_ledcolor': 65408,

                                                          '@fs_momentary': False,

                                                          '@fs_primary': True},

                                               'block1': =


Based on that, I originally assumed that each @fs_index would refer to a footswitch with @fs_enable for the status. 
However, that doesn't seem to be the case because I have a few setups with @fs_index > 5. 
To make things more confusing, I also see some presets without the 
'footswitch' blocks though there are setup in the unit. 

Has anyone be able to understand how the hsl file work for the foot-switches assignment ? Any guidance on how to interpret the structure of this file ? 

Thank you. 




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On 7/2/2023 at 7:51 PM, dethioux said:

I would like to use a backup file (format .hls)



FYI, the .hls file is used for Setlists, not backup files, and I guess for what you want to achieve, you may be better hacking a preset file.


Presets = .hlx

Set Lists = .hls

Bundles = .hlb 


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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