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  1. Had some extra pandemic time on my hands. Made a stand for Amplfi 30 and JTV-59.
  2. Brand new JTV-59 opened up box, and is defective. Line6 only offers to Fix this, not exchange. Is this normal? Doesnt’ that make it a Refurbished guitar, not New like I brought?
  3. I could fix my 1965 Fender Strat today, if a "friend" didn't borrow then sell it years ago. :( I can't fix my Variax 300's as the main pc board is no longer available. Folks have replace mag pickups on JTV series, just like fixing my 65 strat. As a normal guitar, the upgrade/maintenance/ normal parts... is the same. Life of that part should be the same also. When Line 6 non longer makes those rare pc board parts for the model then you have issues. With the current models, you'll be left with a really nice "normal" guitar for about the same price. Not like the red Variax 300 paperweight I now have with no PC board available. Better, next Gen stuff... $ for $ both Brand new : 1965 strat vs 2018 strat, which would you choose? That also seems part of the question. How much really has changed. Analog - digital, dip and back to analog circuits are fast enough for most ears. Think of the quality of a between a song played from tape vs digital recording. Then your really a good listener and might be able to hear a difference in GEN 3.. 4.. as circuits by default get faster. You replace a laptop computer with a newer one as software/hardware can do faster and faster things. I can still fire up a Macintosh Plus from 1980's, but we've come along way from PONG and solitaire on a computer. In a music world, a G chord has not changed. whether your guitar can make it sound like a banjo or a 65 strat is what Variax brings to our fingertips. Just got a JTV-59 and will consider buying a backup PC board so I have it, or my grand kid has it when needed to keep this unique guitar 100% functional.
  4. Bought a JTV-59 yesterday, with serial number W1607... So, June 2016 build. Pickup Selector switch does not change the Variax models. Alt Tuning does switch between model banks, as does the model switch changing major model groups. All this shows on Workbench software, that the Pickup Selector Switch is stuck on position 1 Works fine in non variax mode switch between the magnetic pickups.
  5. Just bought a brand new JTV-59 and the pickup selector switch works fine selecting the magnetic pickups. But it does not work in Variax mode selecting different model guitars. Same switch but different problems. Wiring diagrams don't show how that switch connects to the Variax DSP , or even if it does? Any insight? I'm just curious by nature. Doubt a 1 day old guitar would be sent to a repair shop. (Serial number indicates a 2016/ 7 build W1607... ) Just starting the fun process of dealing with return/exchange.
  6. I saw the answer as a logic improvement, not a holly lollipop, the circuits are getting blown up answer. didn't expect much as the "Proprietary stuff.." but just had to ask anyway. never ask, never know. we see the world through are own history. fought a 300's buggy circuit for years. fool me once kinda thing and I'm a cheap lollipop, looking at a used JTV. all good puzzles, like a good guitar riff. we're all in tune.
  7. guess that degree in electrical engineering I have is useless then.
  8. I like this answer... In other words..."nothing that you'd notice if your life depended on it".
  9. what does the new circuit board add to the guitar's ability.
  10. Can a 2011’s firmware update to current? Any published change to circuit board that favors a refurbished 2017? Or enough change that 2011 vs 2017 parts are not interchangeable?
  11. 2017 vs 2011 JTV59 are there any Differences? Bought a 300 in 2008, died just as the electronics were no longer available. Don't want to go down the same path and pickup a used 2011 JTV59 then can't be fixed because of changes. Any insight?
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