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  1. This deal convinced to buy. Haven't used too much yet to determine if it will replace Amplitube 4 or BIAS in my electric or bass work. However, using Glenn DeLaunne's Acoustic Patches has sold me on IRs for acoustic tracks.
  2. Random thoughts. It seems to me that if you need to EQ the raw guitar signal before the input that maybe consider getting a different type of guitar. Single coils too bright? Get something with humbuckers. Hollowbody too dark? Get something with single coils. Endless quest. Or get a Variax and experiment.
  3. Is UX-2 still considered a viable audio interface for guitar recording in 2018? Is the performance up to the standard of more recent USB interfaces in the same price range? I see the Windows 10 drivers haven't been updated since 2016. This concerns me. Any comments or opinions will be appreciated.
  4. I'm gonna give both a try tonight (I have some contact cleaner at home). Thanks for the advice!
  5. Thanks to both of you. I think I'll take my guitar to my normal tech and give him the wiring diagram. He'll be honest with me, if he can (or can't) do the install.
  6. The pickup selector switch is going bad on my JTV-59. Out of warranty. I ordered a replacement from Full Compass. Looks pretty simple. But there is not an authorized Line 6 repair center near Pittsburgh. My question - Is the repair something that can be done by a regular experienced (i.e. local) guitar tech? (I'm trying to avoid shipping the guitar.)
  7. Thanks for the important info. My Variax is registered. Why would I need to contact support at this time?
  8. I have a JTV-59 and somehow lost my VDI. A couple questions: Will a Bass XT Live work as interface for a Variax? Does anyone have a VDI to sell? (I can't see paying $100 for a new one.) Much obliged.
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