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  1. I had seen somewhere that when in footswitch mode that when you pull up the banks to select a patch that the ABCD buttons pass no midi data and only select the patch. After the patch is selected then the buttons act as midi switches. Can someone please confirm and elaborate? I am having issues using the HD500X as a controller for my AXE FX II. Want to make sure it is not the HD500X causing me issues.
  2. I own the dream rig with an HD500, JTV-59 and DT25. I want to experiment with the G Major 2 and the FCB1010 with the DT25. My initial question is what channel of midi does the DT25 use. It looks lime Omni. I think the FCB1010 can send multiple program changes with a single footswitch patch assignment. The G Major 2 will also send program change info based on patch midi maps. I would need to have one of these units send the amp switch with model and control info. If I read the manual correctly, once you edit the DT25 amp, those settings stay pretty much such as bass, treble, reverb type, cabinets, etc... correct? If so, that will make my task a whole lot simpler. I think the right connection path would be for the FCB1010 ==> G MAjor 2 ==> DT25 Trying to gather info before I dive right into the programming. Any thoughts and advice would be great;y appreciated.
  3. IF you guys want an extra touch of glass on those frets, try Nevrdull polish wadding. I use it on all my guitars when changing strings. It adds a little extra clean glass feel to your string movement and sound. It basically polishes the frets.
  4. replaced the pot. It was only a couple bucks and about an hours work. The new pot solved the problem.
  5. I have just noticed that when I have low volume option on and amp position I selected, that volume is louder than when I have the low volume option off. I don't think that is normal. All the other amp positions work as expected with the low volume on/off options. I have a dream rig setup, but this is with a strat plugged straight in. I have the 2.0 firmware. I have done a factory reset with no change. Thoughts?
  6. Anyone notice the planned obsolescence of line6 equipment? I am getting a new switch. It is only $20 so it won't be that big of a hit. If I took it to a shop, throw in another $86 for labor... No thanks.
  7. The part is only $20 so it can't be that special unless it is Chinese special...
  8. I have the switch on order. I am sure I can work on it. I am pretty handy with a solder iron and hammer.
  9. I just had a toggle switch snap on my JTV-59. I am convinced that Line6 uses the cheapest chinese made crap they could get their hands on. My toggle switch is fully functional, but broke where the plastic cap meets the post. I can still use my fingernail to switch the post, but it is really too short to use in a live situation. Like cheap pot metal snapped. I called to get the switch part for the 3-way and Line6 told me to call full compass and gave me the part number. Full Compass does not have the part and needs to order it from Line 6 parts. I was also told that L6 likes to take their time getting stuff out. This is just starting to stink!! So far I have had a low volume switch break on the DT25, power supplies go out early on the HD500 and now the JTV-59 had the 3way break. Although the sound of the dream rig is cool, I would not recommend this setup to anyone anymore because of the quality of these cheap parts they use and charge a premium for. Not a happy camper about that or my dream rig experience!!
  10. just ordered the pot today. They are cheap and I am not really confident that these are good quality. The pot should be here is a few days. I just had a toggle switch go bad on my JTV. I am convinced that Line6 uses the cheapest chinese made crap they could get their hands on. My toggle switch is fully functional, but broke where the plastic cap meets the post. Like cheap pot metal snapped. Not a happy camper about that or my dream rig experience!!
  11. I really don't think it is the pot though. I have a gut feeling that something got whacked in the firmware or a digital component. I have the equipment and expertise to replace the pot. I need to source one. I was actually thinking of selling the whole dream rig though. I have had way too many L6 products fail right after the warranty runs out.
  12. Just downgraded the firmware, same problem. I plugged straight into the amp with the 1/4" plug and the issue is still there. Looks like a problem with the amp... Not a happy camper...
  13. here is the problem I am having. I like to have a little reverb from the DT25 in my patches when using the dream rig. Lately, when switching to a patch, the reverb on channel A does not always work when I adjust the amp knob. I have had an issue where I go to turn the reverb all the way off on the amp, but the reverb still persists.IF I hold the knob for a scond or two full off, twisting it till it will not move any more and hold, it will go off. If I select a patch and turn the reverb up on the DT25, the reverb will never go off. I have to hold the reveb knob all the way off by rotating and holding the reveb knob fully off for a 1 second count. I went through all this with support and they said it sounds like I may have a bad reverb knob and need to have it serviced. It is a little over a year old and out of warranty. I am tired of having line6 equipment go south on me and just outside of warranty. I spent too much money on this dream rig to have it serviced shortly after the warranty goes out. It is almost as if there is a planned obsolescence and you should always buy the extended warranty for any line6 product. I am wondering if it may be the month or twio older firmware change that has to do with this or not. When I switch the patches, the amp responds as expected. It is only when I twist the reverb knob on channel A that the DT25 goes south. Channel B does not exhibit this behavior.
  14. OK, if you have a dream rig, you are SOL if you can't find that little box...
  15. THX!! I got the volume pedal back. I can't believe I missed that. I feel like a fool. Now I need to get the latest HD Edit working with the latest Variax firmware.
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