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  1. Is the volume pot turned up? Otherwise the guitar will go to sleep mode and won't connect!
  2. I also prefer the X3 Live because of its routing options. The X3 Live allows you to route a signal to the mixer, that is not changed in volume despite of what you do with your monitor volume on stage. So I can control my monitor sound myself without disturbing anything in the FOH sound!
  3. Hello folks, I don't know if some people still have trouble with this issue, but there are some news I want to tell you: A few days after my last post in this thread, Line6 contacted me directly and offered me to send the guitar in and handle it as warranty, although my warranty time is already over (thanks Line6!). Now I got my guitar back and the problem is solved. They simply changed the three way switch, which seemed to have been faulty. Now everything appears to work correctly :) So again big thanks to Line6 and maybe this helps other users to solve that problem. regards, Benni
  4. Hello together, I had that exact same problem some months ago and sent the guitar to Line6. They exchanged the pickup, which came out to be faulty, and now it works. I mean the pickup thing works. Now I have other issues... Guitar is on it's way to Line6 for the fourth time actually...
  5. Hi there, are there any news regarding this issue? I contacted Line6 directly, but the only answer I got was that I should send the guitar to a service center, because they think there must be something wrong with the hardware. Unfortunately my warranty is already over and I don't want to pay for that repair, because my guitar has already had different issues and I had already sent it in for three times (within the warranty). I am really upset now... :( Any suggestions for help? Has anyone solved this problem yet?
  6. There really seem to be some serious issues with firmware 2.0! In the german forum someone had the exact same problem, as I had, just with a JTV-69. @jurassicmike: have you tried flashing to an older version and then reflashing 2.0?
  7. Thanks to the two of you! I hoped there would be a simple solution for this, but now I'll contact Line6. regards, Benni
  8. Thanks ozbadman! Unfortunately my warranty time is already over. Maybe someone has a suggestion what I could try before contacting Line 6 support?
  9. Hello everybody, I got a problem with my JTV-59. After having updated to firmware 2.0 position 3 and 5 of the toggle switch are the same. The sound doesn't change at all and workbench recognizes both switch positions as "position 5". Flashing down to firmware 1.71 and up to 2.0 didn't help. Now in all firmware versions the problem persists. In magnetic mode the switch works fine. Does anyone have similar issues or has a solution for this? Thanks in advance, Benni
  10. You always have to make a difference between full tube amps (tube preamp and power amp) and so called hybrid amps, that only have valves in one of these two. A hybrid amp with a tube preamp and transistor power amp normally sounds the same at all volumes (more or less...) A full tube amp changes its sound a little, when the power amp valve reaches saturation (at high volumes), which makes the sound warmer and more compressed. BUT: I also play my Blackstar HT Club 40 (full tube amp) at Bedroom volume (in a flat) and it sounds great! The volume pot is very sensitive at low volumes, so it is a bit tricky to adjust it to the volume you want :) kind regards, Benni
  11. I always recommend my Blackstar HT Club 40. Maybe a bit too loud for bedroom playing, but it is really versatile, not expensive and sounds amazing! Also the emulated line out is really good. I do a lot of recordings with that line out! regards, Benni
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