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Community Answers

  1. Alright folks? Does anyone know if you can enable transparent delay mode in native like on the helix board while using host tempo sync? Looked everywhere but can't seem to find that option.... Cheers!
  2. Add an mic preamp input meter to the mic preamp gain control in global settings. Why would there not be one there?
  3. Think I found a bug. Helix Floor 3.0, HX Edit 3.0 If you switch on spillover mode with HX Edit connected everything works as expected and HX Edit correctly reflects what's going on in the unit. If you then turn off spillover mode, HX Edit doesn't show the second path again in any preset until you restart HX Edit.
  4. hefonthefjords


    That's some fresh update right there! Well played team HX.
  5. I and many others I know and many touring artists I've mixed use helix EXCLUSIVELY for metal. Sounds pretty great to me. The problem is always with the user and never with the computer.
  6. The BBE Sonic Maximizer is effectively just a two band compressor, so you can simply use the helix multiband compressor configured for two bands of compression boosting the highs and lows only to get a good approximation of the BBE effect. It's not a particularly helpful effect in a live situation as you will lose a lot of your clarity in the mix of a band but for recording it can give a good sounding "loudness" effect on both bass and guitars.
  7. Are you looking on the actual unit or through HX Edit? If you are using HX Edit, you will also need to update HX Edit before you will see them there. I noticed the same thing.
  8. If you want something that will sound totes amazeballs the first second you sit down with it and play something, Helix is not gonna be for you. Neither is Axe FX. If you are prepared to spend a week or two experimenting with settings and configuring things to your liking then you will love what Helix can do and the sounds it can make, as you would if you did the same with Axe FX. I know quite a few people who bought a Helix and hated it for a few weeks until they had time to figure out how to get the sound they were looking for out of it. The point here is, it can very likely make the sound you want with the vast selection of tools in the box, but you have to be prepared to put in some work to get it. If you aren't prepared to do that, keep saving your money and buy the actual gear that makes the sound you want rather than a modeller that can be configured to sound that way because that is the only way you will get that instant gratification.
  9. We did our last two albums with Pod Farm and X3 Pro/Live units. Lots of different people praised our sounds and many guitarists asked what the hell we were uaing that sounded so good and translated so perfectly live. People couldn't tell if we weren't just playing the album at shows. The new album is almost in the can using Native and Helix units so I'm looking forward to seeing how people respond to the change or if they even notice at all. The bass player and I have been using helix live for a handful of shows already and some people have clocked them on the floor and commented about them. The impression i get from those conversations is people still generally don't believe you can run direct and sound that good and relatively few people have played with a helix or any other modeller to see what it's all about still. We live in exciting times where we can have so much to play with in one tiny box.
  10. Buy it, buy it from somewhere with a returns policy if you are concerned you won't like it. This is always easier done from a store. Better yet, go to that store and ask them for a demo before you even buy it. Take your amp along and try the 4CM thing. I doubt there is a store in the land that would deny you a shot in advance of £1k worth of gear if they think you might actually buy £1k of gear from them, I'd phone in advance to arrange it though if you intend to take your amp to try 4CM. I think you'll like it if you spend some time with it. Just don't expect to sit down and have it sound perfect in 30 seconds, spend an hour playing on it. Try the amp sims you already know you like the sound of rather than wasting time on things you don't know you already like and actually play some stuff to get a good idea of how it FEELS to play through because it is very different to playing a real amp if you are used to that. Seriously, try it in the store, buy it and return it if it's not working for you. Nobody at the shop will care, it's just another day in the office for them. I expect you will end up keeping it though.
  11. only edits are password protected. it can be viewed and printed by anyone. is anyone else having a problem printing it?
  12. You can use the ASIO4ALL, a third party asio driver, to aggregate the two devices. It's free to download and really simple to use. Just select asio4all as your asio driver in protools and then use the asio4all interface to select what physical inputs or outputs you wish to show up in protools then assign them to your tracks/busses. Simple. You will find asio4all on google nae bother.
  13. is that the 2.30.1a firmware i've been seeing kicking about on youtube then? ;)
  14. Yup, use the Gain block and give it a negative value. When enabled it will subtract level from the signal without changing anything tonally.
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