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  1. Your song is outstanding. Great recording too. I am in the process of deciding if I need a separate interface and your results have me leaning towards just trying the Helix.
  2. Well said! Glenn's patches are stellar in my opinion, especially the boutique collection. I barely had to adjust levels and eq. In fact, I used one live last weekend and got nothing but compliments on my tone. I also make my own patches. I didn't buy these to learn as much as to enjoy the great tone that Glenn demonstrated In his videos. Glenn is a huge talent, and a generally nice, professional guy, who responded to two separate inquiries within hours. I would not hesitate to recommend his patches for any device.
  3. I don't know what you're all going on about, but the original poster seems to be concerned that Line 6 feels that we HD500 owners don't dress as well as the owners of the newer models.
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