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  1. Hi folks, Looking into getting a powercab plus to go with my helix rack. Just wondering what the pros and cons of having the 2 speaker cabinet vs 2 of the 112 sitting either corner of tbe room. Would it create a better mor open stereo sound? Mostly just for home use. I have a decent sized room that I use. Price is fairly similar so thought I'd do some research, but not too many posts out there.
  2. stevejojo

    No Mic signal

    Hi, I set myself up to record via the Mic input on my helix rack. I am using a condensor mic and I have the phantom power set on. I get the light on the mic, I have input set to Mic but I get no signal whatsoever. I've seen a couple of threads suggesting the there may be issues with mic preamps, does it sound like I have a faulty unit?
  3. stevejojo

    Helix MIDI

    Excellent. Thanks for your help!
  4. stevejojo

    Helix MIDI

    Thanks for that. I'm more interested if the patch can send midi information rather than the foot controls. So that the pedals are already pre loaded into my patch.
  5. stevejojo

    Helix MIDI

    Hi, Is it possible to have midi controls built into a patch on the helix? I am thinking about loading my pedals into a rack switcher and wondered if I can set it up so that depending which helix patch I select, different loop combinations are engaged on the switcher.
  6. Hi, I am trying to connect my HD pro x to my X 3 to occasionaly add reverb etc when there is no more processing power on the hd. I have it set up HD PRO x effects loop send to X3 return. Then X3 send to HD return. Both units with Loop switched on. I am not getting any signal. I am using planet waves leads which I cut myself. Not sure if there's a problem with the way I have it set up, or the leads. Thanks
  7. Hi, I have a FBX longboard hooked up to a pod x3 pro. When I switch the pod on, the longboard goes through the usual start up, with the LEDs flashing in pattern, but then only displays "LINE 6 FBX". Not the tone name, none of the red LEDs are on and I can't control the POD with it. I've tried a couple of ethernet cables with it and I've fully updated and reinstalled flash but with no joy. Any suggestions?
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