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  1. It would be nice for the Helix to be able to model the speaker and send that to the powercab, then model the cabinet (speaker + microphone) and send that to FOH. This would allow for additional effects (i.e. post-cabinet EQ) to go to FOH... maybe in next version of Helix.
  2. chasingMango

    L6 Link

    L6 Link cable is the same as an AES cable. An AES cable can be used as an XLR cable, but not vice versa because of how the electronics work. If you're looking to save money from L6's brand of AES cable, or want a different length than what they offer, just go with any brand of AES cable. I use Hosa AES cables and they work fine.
  3. I am running Helix into 212 Plus. From Helix to PC212 in FRFR mode, or straight to FOH, I would usually have some effects after the speaker modeling such as EQ. Am I correct in understanding that with the PCX12 Plus this isn't possible? I.e. after the PC models the speaker, can it be sent back to helix for additional FX before coming back out the amp? Or am I misunderstanding something fundamental about the signal chain?
  4. chasingMango

    G10 with battery bank

    I'm using a few G10's on a stage on which the base stations / receivers are currently connected to a power source that shuts off when all the other AV is shut down. My solution is to purchase a battery bank and plug that into the stage, then the G10 base stations into that, so that the battery bank charges and passes power to the base stations when everything is turned on, and then when everything is shut off and the transmitters are placed back in the base stations, they will still charge via the battery bank. Trying to gauge what size battery bank I need, in mAh. Anyone know about how much power a single G10 transmitter stores, in mAh?
  5. chasingMango

    Can you plug-in headphones into Powercab plus 2x12?

    Not to invalidate your use case, but if you want headphones then why not plug them into your helix and have the helix model the cabinet? If you want to go back and forth between headphones and no headphones, then put the amp in FRFR mode... won't have exactly the same effect, but if you're spending time with headphones on anyway, maybe doesn't matter as much.
  6. chasingMango

    212 plus

    I bought mine on Sweetwater and I'm happy with it.
  7. chasingMango

    Guitar In - Balanced or Unbalanced?

    I assumed Unbalanced but the documentation doesn't specify. Wondering if its worth running an XLR-to-1/4-TRS cable from my wireless receiver to the Helix, or just use a normal 1/4 TS cable.
  8. Does anyone know if it is possible to custom-order a left-handed Variax guitar?
  9. chasingMango

    Next version of Helix

    I'm considering purchasing a Helix, but considering its been out for a few years, thinking maybe I should hold out for whenever the next version might be. Any idea on when that might be?