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  1. I'm not familiar with the Roland, but guessing that WYTMTW is PodXT.
  2. I have both my helix and powercab in a custom cabinet, both usbs hooked up to a USB extender that runs it over a single ethernet cable to my computer. Works great, and no noise! I didn't notice any noise before, but I rarely plugged in the usb, now there are plugged in all the time.
  3. If you want to be really fancy you could set up a noise gate that turns on when the effect turns off and vice versa.
  4. I've read this is bad because something to do with the magnets... is there anyone that can speak to whether or not this applies to the pc212 as well?
  5. If you want lower freqs, why not get a different speaker altogether? Aren't you defeating the whole purpose of the PC at that point (not that what you want is a bad thing)?
  6. chasingMango

    trs cable

    Also when sailing into port
  7. chasingMango

    trs cable

    It would only matter if you are playing the music through a stereo amplifier and expect certain sounds to come out of each specific speaker. Or, if you are recording yourself live over another track, and your guitar is panned to one side, and it is supposed to be grouped with particular instruments which are also panned to that side. Otherwise, worst thing you can do is flip left and right channels, but they will play just fine. If your stomp is summing L&R to mono, it will sound the same either configuration you plug them in.
  8. 'police' much better? Or maybe you don't really care about etiquette, just feeling better about yourself by putting others down? Its ok, I believe you can be better! :)
  9. With the powercab, your modeler's poweramp model should always on. What will change depending your use case is on/off of the cabinet. If the powercab is in full FRFR mode, then keep cabinet modeling on. If your powercab is set for speaker modeling, then turn cabinet modeling off. *Edit: Keep in mind, you can do whatever you like to achieve a tone that you like. Above is a general statement.
  10. I think a lot of people are underestimating the resale value of a Helix. Keep it in pristine condition, I'd bet on getting back at least 50% if you want to upgrade to a Two right away (whenever that happens). To me, that greatly mitigates the "what if the next version comes out right after I get this one" factor.
  11. No no, I know that wasn't your point, and yes I was using sarcasm… its become a hilarious meme around here :)
  12. Bah... the point is he didn't post it exactly where we wanted in the way that we wanted and at the exact time that he wanted... what a jerk.
  13. ERMAHGRD he didn't post it here!!!! Yeah nice note :)
  14. Pros of 212 vs. dual 112s Less weight / easier transport Smaller footprint / less space on floor/stage Second input can be used as a monitor Slightly cheaper Pros of dual 112s vs 212: Better stereo effect If traveling, option to take only 1, even easier transport than 212
  15. I use Cubase 10 Essentials, it works fine for me...
  16. I see, so Helix can control PC+ through AES, but its not utlizing actual MIDI messages. I suppose another MIDI cable for now, then!
  17. I have successfully controlled my PC212+ via MIDI cable from my MIDI keyboard (master volume, speaker mode, speaker model, etc). I want to plug my MIDI keyboard into my Helix, and then still control my PC212+ which is connected to my Helix via AES/L6 Link. "MIDI Thru" is set to "On", but the control is not working. Does "MIDI Thru" only relay messages through MIDI cable? Is there any way to relay MIDI messages through AES/L6 Link?
  18. I see you one OCD spreadsheet, and raise you bored at work searchability improvements. Helix 2.90 Amp Cabs Effects List.xlsx
  20. You bring HX Edit to a gig? Anyway at a show isn't the sound guy looking at meters on the board (as well as using his ear?)
  21. The "IMPORTANT!" note for Output meters is hilarious. Basically: "we didn't really want to give you this feature, but you wouldn't shut up about it, so here it is, but you really shouldn't use it anyway. Please leave us alone."
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