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  1. The link that was sent in this post did the trick! Thank you so much!!! I realize it's frustrating to repeat over and over the same advice. I wish google had pointed to more current answers that involved the newer firmware releases so I would not have to waste everyone's' time. Thank you all, I appreciate your assistance!
  2. I found the Line 6 updater program on my computer (thanks!). IT had an install date of 9/18/22 (bad sign, as it's probably old). It ran and said it would update to a newer version (that's good) but wound up taking me to the Line 6 website. I had already tried this morning to download the firmware and I did download an HXF file but when I clicked on it, my mac did not have any program associated with it, so I am not sure how to get the HXF file working with either HD Edit or the Hexlix Floor.
  3. I'm stuck. Before posting here, I googled my Helix Floor Error Message - "Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode" and did not find any advise on how to complete the helix floor the 3.5 update. I was in the middle of the update and was running the newest version of HD-Edit (3.51) when the entire neighborhood lost power. I tried to resume the update and when I turned on the Helix and FS6 & FS12, the unit froze with the message "Entered Update Mode" and HD-Edit 3.51 does not connect with the Helix. I tried to boot using FS9 & FS1 and then also tried FS 9 & 10 . Both resulted in the Helix starting a screen boot up with a "3.5 firmware" display but all three attempts went into "Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode" and the Helix Edit 3.51 does not connect to the Floor Unit. I downloaded the firmware 3.5 manually from line 6 but I don't see how to launch the file that downloaded. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Wow! Any chance you can make a simple tone and upload it to the download section here? I would love to try that!
  5. I wasn't even thinking about the op's chance of the helix going down but it's an excellent point. When I gig, I bring a back-up peddleboard in case by peddleboard with my helix goes down. the backup is a lot smaller and limited but has a stomp on it and would work in an emergency situation and get me through the gig. If you are a gigging musician that's the cost we pay to have backups of everything (guitars, amps, ipads, etc.)
  6. I started with an hx floor (which I love) but some gigs it's too big with my other pedals needed... Then I went to the hx stomp which allowed for smaller pedal boards (and I used two extra foot switches hooked up to it) When the XL came out, I bought that to replace the hx stomp. With the extra hx stomp switches built in to the unit, the unit feels and operates much more like the hx floor. I typically have four tones for about 90% of the songs we play and that means, just like with the floor, I am one stomp away from any of those tones. I like how the hx stomp can quickly go up and down in sets of (4) tones like the floor model. So what I am trying to say is there is a huge upgrade in features and use from the stomp to the stomp xl.
  7. That's exactly why I mentioned that my needs may be different than your needs. Typically I only need a few effects for my tones so having half the DSP has not hurt me. And I can get the Poly capo working with some effects and not run out of DSP resources. I am also not a big fan of the smaller screen, it is harder to read than the larger floor model. I am not sure about the IR situation. Perhaps someone else here can address that challenge.
  8. Here's something to possibly consider: The HX Stomp XL. I have two pedalboards that I use - depending upon the size of the stage we are playing. I will use a full helix floor and pedals when there's room. In tighter spots I use the HX Stomp XL on a smaller pedalboard. Like you, I use a harmonizer on both boards. For my needs, The HX Stomp XL works just as well as the the Helix floor - although your needs may be different than mine.
  9. I own a G10 s and i also have a few old transmitters from old g10 units that have not been updated since all these charging issues surfaced. I have not used the wireless systems in a long time, but would like to use them again. I also own an original usb to 1/4" charging cable. I point out that it's original because the new usb charging cables may have been modified not to charge the batteries to capacity. I don't believe my g10s receiver has been updated, but I am not sure. If I charge my transmitters using my original usb to 1/4" cable, will the battery still get a full charge? If my receiver was updated, (I am not sure if it was), can these recent updates limit the battery life from the receiver base when I plug in the transmitters so that the unit can choose a channel? Any help would be appreciated and am sorry so many of you have issues this battery life.
  10. Here are two of my temple audio boards with Helix units on them. Please note - the helix floor and all my attachments on these boards are within the edge of the pedalboards. The camera and the angles make it appear that the Helix floor is over the edge. It reality it's not, and I use both handles on each side to lift the boards. What I love is I use the send/receive on the helix and the harmony voice units, so I just need to plug in an in and out cable for guitar and for singing, and I'm good to go (the harmony untis are independent from the helix and guitar effects, it just is on the board to conserve footspace and make set up and tear down much faster.
  11. They charge very little money to make it a custom board. You have to go with one of their width's but they will make the unit any length. I love my Temple boards! ps - The Helix floor and the new stomp xl can screw directly into the board (luckily some screws and holes line up). I have mounted the original HX Stomp using Temple's plates.
  12. I am at work, so maybe I will try to send a photo later. I used a custom size Temple audio board (they will make you custom sizes). The Temple audio works great for a few reasons: 1. some of the line 6 screws on the bottom line up with the holes on the temple board so you can easily screw the existing screws through the board and secure the helix to the board. 2. there is room under the unit to plug the helix into an extension chord and run it out the side. The extension chord I plug the helix into, had enough extra sockets to power all my other devices and having an extension chord allowed to use the proper power supply to my Vocal harmonizer. 3. If you use temple, it may be a good idea to purchase extra brackets that go on the bottom to keep the until from sagging. My board does not sag. The harmonizer is also screwed down. The temple system has plates that work great and allow you to easily move and take effects on and off the board. I highly recommend it. To take to gigs, I have a keyboard softcase that fits the unit quite well.
  13. Thanks guys, I guess I did not see that and I should do a better job of reading...
  14. Before I updated to 3.1, I'm pretty sure stomp #6 displayed the message "MODE" in a big font and "Hold TO Exit" in a smaller font on the 2nd line. Now it shows "Preset Stomp" on the first line and "Hold TO Edit" on the second line. Is this a new feature or did I change something on the fly by accident? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Thanks everyone for the input! Yes I would have used a stomp as a dedicated device for harmony. I had a feeling that the perfect fifth would occasionally or possibly produce the incorrect note. I will try to dial in a vocal harmonizer. At least they allow a guitar input to try to determine the proper harmony, cased on the chord the guitar is playing. It sounds like the helix is not going to produce something that sounds "voice like."
  16. Could I use an hx-stomp as a dedicated vocal harmonizer? Dedicated as in not using it to modify my guitar. I was thinking of plugging a mic into the hx stomp (I realize I would need to convert the xlr cable coming from the mic to 1/4") and creating a simple patch to make a perfect fifth interval. Then I would send it to my mixing board. Not knowing as much music theory as I should, would the perfect fifth ever create a harmony note that would clash with the proper key? Any thoughts if this would accomplish my goal and actually sound good? Thanks
  17. Thanks! I have seen others discuss Command Center - I had no idea what it is or does. Thanks for the tip! I will look into it!
  18. I basically just scratch the surface of all the things a helix can do - but the op brought up a great idea. It would be awesome someday if helix had a "song mode". Something like snapshots, but you would use it for a single song. Such as in this example - "Stairway to Heaven". You start out in a very acoustic like setting, and then maybe the next stomp button takes you to 12-string, then to a little more drive, and then finally to the guitar solo, and back to acoustic guitar. Like snapshots, you would need to have all your effects and amps, etc in each snapshot, but you would control what is on/off and some settings. Come to think of it, is there a way you can set up the helix that once you enter snapshots, and choose a snapshot (or the default one) that the helix continues to show you all the available snapshots, you can choose, but when you exit snapshots, it defaults back to showing 8 tones at a time?
  19. Oh shoot - I did not even notice! I look like a knuckle-head.
  20. Under new equipment, did you forget the HX-Stomp? Also no mention of the output meters and improved tuning screen. Also, it's incredible how many effects Line 6 added! The new amps and effects sounds amazing. It's like getting so much new hardware each update. Great Job!
  21. And so the cycle begins again! (All Good!)
  22. thanks for the advise, I will do the hx edit update first!
  23. I am at work and have not tried the update yet. Some people tried to do the update through update version 1.19. Others (or most) seem to start with updated HX Edit to 3.0. Which is the best way to start the update process?
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