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Found 1 result

  1. Newbie here considering getting a Helix and looking for input/suggestions, specifically on the workflow and management of using specific presets and/or snapshots as they pertain to any particular song, and collectively to a large repertoire of pretty diverse genres. I've been looking at the Helix floor and rack closely as well as the other top modeling amps on the market. Here's what I'm trying to achieve: - The ability to assign presets, or perhaps snapshots or a combination of both, to each song by song title. - Then have the ability to quickly scroll through a list of 100+ songs via the footswitch, which could be broken up into setlists for speed and efficiency, but probably ordered alphabetically rather than by song performance order since our setlists change from gig to gig - Be able to scroll through these songs using just the footswitch and referencing the display. - Have the ability to choose any particular song as the next song to play while still playing on the last preset of the current song. - Being able to do this with a maximum of 3 or less stomps (one being a long stomp to scroll through and view songs from the master song list). - Once I find the next song in the list to be played, be able to select it using my feet - Once selected, have however many switches available to choose the sounds for that particular song. - A few songs only require a single sound, but most could need from two to six-ish different sounds that I would like to have a switch for each. I prefer to actually have a switch for each sound vs just having a next and previous switch for moving through sounds for any given song. - Then repeat for the next song, etc.. - The ability to do this all with my feet, without having to bend down to scroll, make a selection, or change footswitch modes, all within 2-3 stomps very quickly is a must. - During performances, I don't need the ability to make edits to the sounds, occasional use of an assignable expression pedal is great to have though. In short, I want to work out all my sounds like amps, cabs, effects and parameters for each song ahead of time and tweak at rehearsal when needed. But once it's time for the first downbeat during live performances I want to focus on what I'm playing, crowd interaction, and the overall experience, not be concerned with which amp model, effects, parameters, routing, banks, etc., that I'm using. At that point, I really don't even care if any of that information is reflected on the display. Just a song title and a small description on each scribble strip would be ideal. But then the need to find the next song quickly (hopefully without having to change modes on the footswitch or Helix engine between tasks) is important. We use a format and have the same requirements that many cover bands have. We play one to four sets a night with a dozen or songs per set. So lots of very different kinds of songs, with lots of diverse sounds needed from song to song, and even within a single song at times. I do reuse some of the same presets in multiple songs, but if there's very much change in a preset for another song, I generally edit it and save it as a different preset number. I did guitar and amp repair for a music store for a few years and have had dozens and dozens of guitarists and keyboard players ask for recommendations on equipment to meet very similar needs to those I have outlined. I have struggled to come up with any great suggestions for a turnkey solution, especially as most modeling amps and equipment is laid out either physically or virtually in 'Banks' (the bane of my existence in live performances) and often do not match up very well with with 'song' organization (i.e. a song may only need one or two different sounds but the modeler has tied the number of presets in a bank to the number of foot switches available or visa-versa. I usually referring them to a third party midi controller. I had a GREAT one years ago that was made by a very small company. I was SO spoiled by its elegant implementation and ease of use relating to these requirements!! I understand that Helix is built for MANY applications by a large diverse user base and I am blown away by its huge feature set. I am hoping that with all it's capabilities, there is an efficient way of being able to meet the needs I've outlined above for live application using just the Helix. It would be a crying shame to drop almost $2K on a Helix that can do so much and still have to throw out a few hundred or more on an additional external midi foot switch just to be able to use the Helix efficiently for live performances as related to songs. With everything that can be done by today's equipment, having to use a spreadsheet on stage to keep track of a song list and map the presets to each of the songs, then have to do the footswitch hustle on a foot controller between each song seems to be such a waste of a powerful modeling amp with built in multi effects and foot controller at ones reach... and kind of missing the whole point behind this technology! I've been through the manual, combed through posts, and watched about every video I can find related to the Helix, especially in live performance, but most of those videos and posts address the physical setup (i.e.Helix -> PA/power amp [cabs] -> mic -> PA) and not so much tracking and moving from song to song with large setlist implementations. Although I have seen several similar questions with similar needs, but none with compelling responses. So I am really hoping some of you folks on the forum that have had some great hands-on experience using it can give me some viable options. If I could find viable answers and solutions to these questions, I would buy one today!! Sorry for the long post, but it seems easier to try to give you full details to my needs rather than going back and forth several times providing additional information. Thanks in advance!!
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