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  1. there is a design flaw with the way the female power jack inside the unit is attached to the main board. many users of the g10 have complained about how their jack broke during routine use. there are 1 - 2 semi-active subjects in this forum section that have dealt with a better long term solution and how to modify the unit internally to accommodate a better power solution that will not break as easily as the original design. Check them out and see if they are a better fit for your situation and perhaps you may not want to wait until your system breaks as so many of us have experienced.
  2. Has anyone measured the noise output from these ? (before anyone asks - I've been involved in micro electronic design for circa 25 years :) ) ---------------- You remind me of the engineer who made the three mods on my units (I say that in a good way, not a bad way) He like you, had concerns... He worried if the unit would have the identical wireless range after the mod. I can assure you that the the output sounds fine, and the range is fine, and the boards recommended here by others work. While the noise was not tested or measured, the sound sounds fine to me, even at the loudest levels as I play out and rehearse with my band all the time. Last, my engineer friend worried about variances in the output voltage from the board and was very impressed that no matter what he threw at it, it returned 5 steady volts when he measured it with his equipment. Guys, don't overthink this, it really works!
  3. As someone who recently missed the download as well, Line 6 should make the download link much more obvious and easy to find additionally, if the editor program can show you the firmware version, it should check to make sure the editor version and firmware version are in unison and give you a warning message when they are not.
  4. just to update my story (I had posted here about a month or two ago) and I had the conversion done and was thrilled with it. The mod was done to my broken unit that was on my peddleboard and that I gigged with. I own two other g10's that stay in the house and I worried that at some inopportune moment one of them would break too. As was discussed earlier here, it is so easy to break these units that the argument that you don't gig with one and/or the plug is never removed is a week argument. So I had the last two done and now all three work flawlessly. the parts cost a couple of bucks from ebay and I would recommend since the bard costs $.99 and the jacks about the same, that you order 3-5 incase you break any or get another g10 down the road (perhaps a broken one for pennies on the dollar). every single board and jack worked fine, and the units are working and now much better built than the day I got them!
  5. there is another thread on here someplace where I ordered the boards and parts from ebay. they components are excellent quality and cost less than $10.00. because the main board needed is about $.99 each, I ordered 5 of them. all work and I have had my three g10's modded and each work great! I can not recommend this solution enough - my peddle board now works flawlessly and I can gig again with my g10.
  6. Being a huge fan of that Eddie Van Halen recording, I had made my own version of the tone for the Helix, but it stunk. I checked out the VHII tone and it was OK, but found the delay and phase were not correct. I modified the phase 90 setting and put in two different delays to work off of each other and I think I have a tone that is much better than what I had done on the helix a year ago. The new tone may closer to Eruption than VHII. I really like the "spacey" feel of the tone and it does remind me of the original recording. Perhaps you may want to scale back the delays, as sometimes when I play it, it seems like the guitar is playing itself without me. I uploaded it this morning to the Line 6 download area - my first tone submission. Please note I am using a Marshall 1960 4x12 cab ir that is commonly found on the internet. I don't recall where it was downloaded from, but honesty, just substitute any Marshall 4x12 cabinet (preferably a 1960 model) and you should be fine.
  7. that was it! I was seeing the firmware, not the editor version. I downloaded the new editor and now it's working fine. thanks so much!
  8. Ok, you asked for it.... I don't know anyone else that runs a rig quite like mine but it works. I have two helix units, one for gigs and one stays home. on the home front I use two marshall stacks, one for left side, one for right. - I do not play loudly, but the two stacks on opposite sides of the room fill the room nicely with rich sound. I buy the very cheap, used solid state marshall heads and try to amplify the sound to drive the cabinets without any added overdrive. the system sounds awesome - and I use the helix for the cleanest cleans to the 5150 amp heads - all the sound charasterics are derived from the helix not the marshall. I have had quite a few guitarists over and they all rave about the sound no reason a helix can not be set up this way and work fine with some tweaking and I do not use effects loops, i go directly from helix to the guitar inputs on the two heads using 1/4" cables
  9. I installed the firmware and line 6 helix editor weeks ago to 2.20 and it worked fine. a couple of weeks ago I downloaded some of the newer tones from custom tone and about a third of the tones would not work. Today, I downloaded the newest tones and about half of them do not work, because editor gives me a message "model specified in file is not recognized" looks like a model inside the tone is not found in my firmware or editor, yet both things were updated and both say ver. 2.20 going though the line 6 download/update screens is cumbersome and a puzzle sometimes. Did I leave out a part of the update? I reset globals and did the resets after the firmware as advised and again after the editor upgrade just to be safe. two of the files it happens on is Castellorizon , scream.period.lead any help would be appreciated. thanks!
  10. back in the old days of line 6, they had an amp with a 4-channel footswitch. Others advised that "A" should be clean, "B" a little over driven, "C" distortion, and "D" full distortion, primarily for guitar solos. that stuck with me on the pod hd and now helix, so my first four tones are labeled A and name of the tone i choose to represent A, B, for a mid-1960's distortion, "C" for classic 70s, and "D" for more hard rock. i am in a cover band too and these four work for about 80% of our songs. I was never was happy with the wah and boosts in the helix, so I use the send / receive option and hook up a boost and auto wah and they work quite well. with the remaining 4 tones available on the helix without having to shift, I use each for special sounds perhaps found in 1-2 songs each that we play.
  11. very clever design solution, but someday if the wind blows and your ios female plug gets pushed in or broken like the rest of ours did (and yes, it could happen easily someday, so never say never) you may want to do the modification shown above. The modification internally is a more solid solution.
  12. I'd like to share my experience on upgrading the base unit from the usb jack to a 9 volt solution. Joe's documentation and solution works 100% well! I have three units - 2 at home that are never touched and should hold up, and one unit on a peddleboard that broke after I gigged with it. First off, I ordered the 9v to 5v step down on ebay and the recommended female dc plug. The boards cost about 99 cents each on ebay so I ordered lots of extras in case I screwed up. All these parts are from China and the person who did the mod for me tested the step down board and could not believe how well it worked (producing an exact flow of 5 volts which he thought was astounding!) First off, I was going to send the item to Joe, who I know would have done a phenomenal job (and he has the parts, you don't need to send them to him). However, my bass player insisted I give the project to her boyfriend who is an electrical engineer and does these kinds of repairs all the time. Reluctantly, I had to tell Joe I was not sending him the project and he was such a gentleman. He was fine with it and told me If I had any questions or problems, I could contact him. So I printed out the notes from this forum and went to see the local electrical guy. The screw was stripped on the until, thanks to my other guitarist in the band who took the unit home to see if the plug could be put back in place earlier, but it turned out to be broken. It took the engineer forever to open the unit. The single screw is under the label on the bottom. eventually he had to drill out the screw. So my unit is no longer 100 % and at this point in the evening I wished I sent the unit to Joe. However, the soldering and upgrade took less time than opening the unit. I know nothing about electronics, but if you are going to do this project, you will need a huge magnifying device and some nifty soldering tools as this is not a simple soldering job. It is a tough and small soldering job. Now that the upgrade is done, the unit is working 100% and I am extremely confident it will hold up! Here's an added bonus about that 99 cent board. it can handle 9v, 12v (I think), and 18v adapters and will automatically step them down to the needed 5v. When I went through my stash of old orphan power adapters, the smallest one I found was an 18v and because it was smaller than my others, it fit nicely on my peddleboard power system. So just because you are buying a 9v step down, you have additional options with voltage. Joe was awesome and I would recommend him in a heart beat if this project is beyond anyone's knowledge or ability.
  13. Wow, I never thought of that. Recording a dry track and then having the power of Helix to shape the exact sound I want is a great tool. I imagine I can even make changes throughout the recording by bringing in different effects and different settings?
  14. I see there's a lot of excitement about the Helix Native and I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't quite get why this is a huge enhancement. So, If I use my helix to play-out, and don't mind bringing it into the studio for recordings, then there is really not a huge advantage or game changer for me? Reading other topics on the Native, I can see why certain users would be thrilled, no longer having to bring their Helix from the road to the studio. And it looks like there will be more amps coming? Hopefully those amps will be included in future updates for the Helix units themselves in addition to Native? Last, I would appreciate if anyone could tell me if the following use would work out well and perhaps this would be a game changer for me! I would much rather put the guitar down, and adjust the helix settings, sitting down at a computer than playing and having to make changes to the unit or the computer editor while strapped to a guitar and playing. Could I record my guitar with zero effects and processing, and then feed that sound into the Helix Native? Then sitting comfortably at the computer for long periods of time, I could try many different amps and effects and really dive in to how the setting change the sound. Or will the dynamics of playing in real-time not be identical to a pre-recorded input into Native from the same guitar?
  15. Wow, thanks for the post. Come to think of it, I did move a preset from one setlist to another setlist and my troubles started shortly after that.
  16. Here's one I experienced this weekend and never saw this problem posted before. Anyone else ever experience this? I must have have corrupted my Helix device or the set-list files because for as long as I could remember, before this weekend, I could successfully switch presets in different set-lists without any issues. Over the last few days, when I switched presets from different set-lists, no matter if I was doing it using with the Helix preset knob or the helix editor software, and played for a while, and then moved to a different tone in another set-list the following strange thing would occur: The new tone I switched to, would have the proper name show up on the lighted display and also on the helix editor, however, the tone I heard was the tone taking up the same residence in the prior set-list. Another words, if I played 01A in one set list and switched to 01A in another set list, I would hear the same tone from the first set-list. Worse, somehow the blocks and settings from the previous set-list was moved to my new tone and saved. I repeatedly shut off the helix but it would still be there! Thinking I must have been half asleep, I loaded up my backup and this happened again and again, repeatedly. I own a second helix, one stays home, one goes to band practice and gigs and that helix acted fine this weekend. Using the large display on the helix and the editor software confirmed that the name of the tone remained unchanged but every setting and block was overwritten. Even worse, I accidentally backed everything up with the ruined set-lists so I almost destroyed my backups. Lucky I had additional backups and a second helix to save the day. I decided to rebuild the helix firmware, but as luck would have it, there was a brand new firmware upgrade (2.11) so I installed that and things seem back to normal. I hope I don't have a helix system board flaking out causing this. Worse, seems I spend way too much time dealing with Helix upgrades, problems, and learning curves than I do playing and improving on the guitar. Anyone else ever have this problem?
  17. Thanks! All is good, now where are those new tones! LOL
  18. Thank you for putting into words a much better reply than I could come up with. If there are forum members that want to lecture me or talk down to me because of a word or two that I used, or the concept that I want to see what others are doing rather than having me build tones from scratch, then please do not reply to my post and just move along to another topic that you feel you can help with or nicely comment on. Thanks.
  19. Feel free to change the words "superior tone-makers" to "helix tone-makers". So now it can read "...I'm still hoping to hear what some of the helix tone-makers are coming up with. Feel better now?
  20. I have found some gems on customtone. I am not in a good routine... I download most of the new tones once a week, try them out, and keep the one or two that are unique to my collection and sound great.
  21. I could. But I mentioned in my post, I'd like to hear what others have come up with . I appreciate your effort to help; I already replaced an existing tone amp with the rectifier and it improved the sound. But I'm still hoping to hear what some of the superior tone-makers are coming up with.
  22. Immediately after the 2.1 Helix update, some forum members posted about great new high-gain sounds they were achieving with new amps and a new distortion pedal included in the update. I am more a download-from-customtone fan and modify the tones for my own equipment, rather than start from scratch and build my own tones. I'm surprised there are no new tones taking advantage of the new amps and effects. Anyone want to upload what they've been able to create with the new amps and distortion effect(s)? I would love, as I am sure others would too, to hear the new tones being achieved. Thanks!
  23. I'm glad you started this topic because I kind of feel the same way you do. While I heard great things about Glenn's patches, I too was underwhelmed. However, after investing in a helix I bit the bullet and purchased the Fremen pack. The tones were so amazing and so much better than what I could create or find on custom tone, I have to admit, it was wroth every penny as it made my helix sound so much better.
  24. Thank you for the clarification. I had heard that the dt50 was discontinued, but hopefully the head and dt25 will continue. I have both a 50 and 25 and love them both (just not the weight of the 50). It's exciting that line 6 is thinking and/or planning how to come up with a simple integration of helix to the dt series. And congratulations on the helix - it is an amazing product and has brought a lot of satisfaction to me and plenty of users!
  25. The document you describe exists and I have seen it. Sorry, I don't recall where on this site it is located, but hopefully someone else can point you in the right direction.
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