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  1. talonmm's post in Hide the physical amps characteristics when using Helix? was marked as the answer   
    Ok, you asked for it....
    I don't know anyone else that runs a rig quite like mine but it works.
    I have two helix units, one for gigs and one stays home.
    on the home front I use two marshall stacks, one for left side, one for right.   - I do not play loudly, but the two stacks on opposite sides of the room fill the room nicely with rich sound.
    I buy the very cheap, used solid state marshall heads and try to amplify the sound to drive the cabinets without any added overdrive.
    the system sounds awesome - and I use the helix for the cleanest cleans to the 5150 amp heads - all the sound charasterics are derived from the helix not the marshall.
    I have had quite a few guitarists over and they all rave about the sound
    no reason a helix can not be set up this way and work fine with some tweaking
    and I do not use effects loops, i go directly from helix to the guitar inputs on the two heads using 1/4" cables
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