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  1. I'll double check exactly how low it is. This is with factory patches anyhow. I was just surprised that there isn't a "USB output level" setting somewhere to raise volume across the board. Without exact measurements, the waveform created by ableton is about 50% before it hits peak. I can always just raise the level of that track, just worried about introducing noise to the recording by doing so. I'll measure and report back.
  2. Hi I'm using the helix as an interface going into Live 10. I've tried both with the Line6 Asio drivers, and Asio4all, but the input level is really low. I've checked guitar pad (it's off) and the big volume knob is set all the way. Do I have to go into each individual patch and increase the volume, or is there a setting that I can't find that will raise the USB 1/2 output level across the board? I looked everywhere in the manual and couldn't find anything Thanks for your help
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